Complexity, design and capability. Development in distributed work: The case of clinical trials

Insper Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa

Palestrante: Onal Vural (IE Business School)

I examine the effects of design complexity and project experience on the performance of distributed work projects in clinical trials. Whereas outsourcing complex projects have become the norm in new product development and testing, there is a commensurate cost associated in designing and managing such types of project work. I use clinical trials as a setting to examine the effect of project design choices and learning from joint work experiences on the performance of distributed work projects. My data include 4769 clinical trials spanning five disease areas between 1981 and 2009. I find that, while the involvement of multiple interventions and locations hinder project performance, learning from past hybrid-projects enhances organizational capability of undertaking such projects. Moreover, the effect of learning is enhanced when this learning stems from highly complex project work from similar knowledge domains. I elaborate on these findings for theories of complexity, learning and project design, and its implications for innovation management.

Data: 10/06/2013 (segunda – feira)
Horário: 12h
Local: Sala 206 – 2º andar


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