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 An entrepreneurial ecosystem provides opportunities for students to acquire knowledge and develop skills that support them in realizing their business ideas.

The role of the Center for Entrepreneurship (CEMP) is to facilitate the development of individuals in line with business development. CEMP operates in three main areas: Training, inspiration, and experience.

The training pillar is related to learning content that is useful to an entrepreneur. It should provide knowledge of concepts, methods, and tools for the smooth operation of a startup, in the commercial, administrative, and operational areas. CEMP’s training pillar works through events, workshops, methodologies, and courses focused on entrepreneurship.

The inspiration pillar is related directly to learning from the experiences of other entrepreneurs. It includes exploring both sides of entrepreneurship: Success and failure and showing students that entrepreneurship is also a career choice, as many of our alumni have done.

The experience pillar is based on learning by doing, or rather, failing. Hardly an entrepreneur will succeed in the first attempt at entrepreneurship. Thus, it is important that students play the game of real life and fail, while still in school. The main experience channels within the ecosystem are internal competitions, service delivery, pre-acceleration programs, contacts with startups and coworking spaces.

CEMP develops a network of specialists, mentors, and investors who work on these initiatives. Also, it is responsible for creating and managing a space that enables teamwork and the creation of new projects.



Vinicius Picanço
Coordinator for the Center for Entrepreneurship

Victor Macul
Coordinator of the Center for Entrepreneurship



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