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Privacy Notice

Insper values the privacy and protection of your personal data. For Insper, it is imperative that you feel comfortable with the processing of personal data carried out in the course of your relationship with our school.

Thus, this Privacy Notice describes how we may process your personal data, whether due to our relationship involving the services we provide, or as a result of a possible future relationship, or also as a result of your mere visit to our website. Whatever the event, your privacy and the protection of your personal data are important to us. We will make every effort to ensure that these points are safeguarded in the course of any processing carried out.

We kindly ask you to read this document carefully to ensure that you are fully aware of it, as here there is information about the data processing involved in Insper’s operations. It includes information regarding the visit to and use of Insper’s website, as well as the services offered, client support, and other activities described here.

We aim to provide maximum transparency and ensure that you can clearly understand why, how, when, and by whom your data is processed in Insper’s activities.

How we collect your Data

If you are a student or a former student, also, if you are a candidate for our programs, professional and/or academic opportunities, or even interested in one of our programs, we can process your personal data in the standards set forth here. We first clarify at what point we collect your data and how:

  • We collect your personal data when you create or edit your user registration (login and password + filling out a form with personal data) on the Insper website.
  • We collect your personal data when you log in to the Insper website.
  • We collect your personal data when you enroll in any of our courses or programs or apply for any of our selection processes.
  • We collect your personal data when you effectively participate in our selection processes.
  • We collect your personal data when you enroll in our programs after being approved in the selection process.
  • We collect your personal data when you sign up to receive news and information about our courses and programs.
  • We collect your personal data when you contact our Núcleo de Orientação ao Candidato (Candidate Guidance Center).
  • We collect your personal data when you visit our website and access the content there.
  • We collect your personal data when you register to use our FabLab.
  • We collect your personal data when you contact our services department or the Coordination of the program to which you belong for a given matter.
  • We collect your personal data when you reach out to MultiInsper’s support, services, and assistance.
  • We collect your personal data in the course of your program, according to your interaction with us and the execution of the activities involved in your academic trajectory (e.g., exams, assignments, and the like).
  • We collect your personal data when you visit our facilities in person.
  • We collect your personal data if you apply for professional openings or to become an Insper professor; and
  • We collect your personal data sent by you through any message, on any Insper channel.

Personal data we may process

Regarding the events mentioned above, the following data may be processed:

  • Personal data involved in your login and password.
  • Personal data involved in your registration and participation in our selection processes.
  • Personal data involved in the effective execution of selection processes, including data related to your performance in tests and interviews and any issues involving fraud.
  • Personal data contained in professional résumés, academic curriculum vitae, and school transcripts.
  • Personal data involved in the enrollment process after approval in a selection process. Also, the personal data contained in the documentation requested for enrollment in the program (as per the registration requested for enrollment and according to the documentation requested).
  • Personal data related to the billing, payment, reimbursement processes, and other processes involving the financial part of your relationship with Insper. It includes credit card, bank account, and bank branch data, as well as information related to your financial and credit status.
  • Personal data that is informed to the , such as, but not limited to, name, CPF (the acronym for Brazil’s Individual Taxpayer Identification Number in Portuguese), telephone numbers, information about programs, the status of the selection process, personal data contained in the documentation submitted during the selection or application process, as well as any other personal data that is informed during assistance.
  • Website visitor demographics, according to the sections Cookies and Our Sites below.
  • Personal data involving the registration to use FabLab on the Open Day.
  • Personal data regarding your own relationship involving educational services with Insper, e.g., academic and performance data and personal data related to disciplinary and ethical issues (according to our Code of Ethics and Conduct).
  • Personal data and also sensitive personal data related to the service provided by MultiInsper to you.
  • Personal data related to access control to our facilities.
  • Personal data from résumés or academic curriculum vitae and other personal data provided through documents, in case you apply for any job opportunity at Insper or any professor position at Insper (as seen here ); and
  • Personal data contained in messages or calls to Insper through which you have shared this information with us.

For which purposes we process your data

We process your data only for legitimate, specific, and defined purposes. We will not carry out any activities for the processing of Personal Data if we do not have a legitimate, specific, and defined purpose for them.

Thus, we can process your personal data to:

  • Identify you and for your access to Insper websites.
  • Register your participation in Insper’s selection processes.
  • Carry out the selection process and assess your performance according to the established parameters.
  • Enroll you in any course or program, thus enabling the delivery of our educational services.
  • Execute the selection process and provide the scholarship offered for some programs at Insper.
  • Evaluate your profile for the attendance of specific programs/courses at Insper that require some mandatory requirements, such as specific training or a certain degree of experience.
  • Execute the services and perform the necessary negotiation of financial matters, whether those related to the regular payment for services or those related to possible defaults, including carrying out debt collection and negotiations in this regard.
  • Assist you when you contact us, either through the service channels, the ombudsperson office, or any other possible means of communication.
  • Offer our services and maintain a relationship with you, promoting not only our programs and courses but also , differentiated programs, Insper initiatives, free and paid events, potential exchange programs, and the like.
  • Analyze the profile of those interested in our courses and programs, understand their preferences, and offer more efficiently and adequately.
  • Send targeted advertising and email marketing messages and perform online advertising targeting through partners.
  • Evaluate the visitation of our sites, analyzing demographic data, and better understanding the visitor profile.
  • Contact you after any dealings through our service channels or expression of interest when you sign up for our communication channels or register in any courses or programs.
  • Control your entry to Insper’s facilities, record any visits, and keep a history for use if needed.
  • Allow the use of our laboratory in Open Day events.
  • Provide you with assistance when you reach out to MultiInsper, adopting all the necessary measures for the correct understanding and addressing any questions needed.
  • Evaluate and make decisions involving ethical and disciplinary issues in case of infringements to our Code of Ethics and Conduct.
  • Evaluate and make decisions involving the possibility of fraud in any of our selection processes or the course of your academic activity at Insper, in any of our academic assessments, assignments, and the like.
  • Evaluate your profile in case of any application for a job opening at Insper and keep your professional résumé and academic curriculum vitae on file for potential job opportunities in the future.
  • Conduct demographic studies for the purpose of adopting diversity measures and policies at Insper.
  • Comply with legal or regulatory obligations and submit any necessary data to authorities or representatives who are able to audit the compliance with any obligation.
  • Host any visits for accreditation purposes involving Insper.
  • Allow your participation in partnership programs with partner educational institutions abroad.
  • Ensure security on our premises, as well as ensure security on our websites, applications, and internal systems.
  • Make improvements, adjustments, or implements to our websites, applications, and internal systems.
  • Upon your prior and express authorization, provide your information to companies specialized in hiring, selection processes, and the like, as well as any companies that are interested in hiring you.

The custody period

We will maintain the processing of personal data (including storage, which is a kind of processing) for the period necessary to achieve the legitimate purposes for which the processing is aimed. These purposes may involve, for instance, the compliance with legal obligations, the fulfillment of Insper’s legitimate interests, regular exercise of Insper’s rights in administrative or judicial proceedings, among others.

Under no circumstances will Insper process your personal data after achieving the purposes for which the data have been processed. In addition, you can, in accordance with the “Contact information and compliance with data subjects’ rights” section below, whenever you wish, contact Insper to request any deletion of personal data. This event will be analyzed and, if applicable, provided for by Insper.

Data security

Insper adopts adequate, proportional, and reasonable information security measures to guarantee the protection of your personal data. Moreover, Insper takes all the care and pays all the attention concerning data processing carried out in the course of its activities. Learn more about examples of the measures employed by Insper.

Insper makes every reasonable effort to ensure the security of its systems in the storage of said data. Besides, Insper employs strong controls so that any suppliers, partners, or third parties of any nature who need to process your personal data due to the nature of their services or activities, employ at least the same information security standard adopted by Insper.

Cookies and Insper Sites

We may process personal data resulting from activities involving online ads and advertising. The information related to such a process includes the client’s IP address (Internet Protocol), the client’s ISP (Internet Service Provider), the browser they used when visiting our website (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox), the time of their respective visit, and which pages they visited within our website.

Besides, we use Google as a provider, and therefore it is important to note that there is a sharing of your personal data with Google, collected through cookies when you access and browse our website.

With the DART cookie, Google can display ads based on the reader’s visits to other websites on the Internet. You can disable the DART cookie by visiting Google’s content network and ads privacy policy.

We use cookies to store information, such as your personal preferences when visiting our website. That may include a simple popup or a link clicked on any of our pages.

Besides, we also use third-party advertising on our website. Some of those advertisements may use technologies such as cookies and/or web beacons when replicating content from our website, which will cause those ads (such as Google through Google AdSense) also to receive personal information, such as the IP address, ISP, browser, etc. This function is usually used for geotargeting (showing advertising from São Paulo only to readers coming from São Paulo, for example) or displaying advertising targeted at a type of user (such as showing restaurant advertising to a user who visits cooking sites regularly, for example).

However, you have the power to turn off their cookies through your browser’s options or by making changes to the tools of Antivirus software such as Norton Internet Security. You can also contact us and request that cookies under our control be turned off on our websites. Nonetheless, it may change the way they interact with our website or other websites. That may affect or not allow the client’s login to our and other networks’ programs and sites.

To make it clear the information about which cookies we use on our website, which personal data is related to them, and for which purpose we process this data, you can refer to this table and may make a request to turn off the cookie in a more specific and targeted way, if you wish.

Third-party websites

Insper has links to other websites that may contain useful information/tools or that interest you. Our Privacy Notice does not apply to third party websites. If you access another website from ours, be aware that you will be subject to the third-party websites’ processing conditions.

We are not responsible for the privacy notice or content present on third-party websites.

Sharing of personal data

To achieve some of the processing purposes to which your personal data is related, Insper may share your personal data with third parties, whether they are third-party service providers, partners, or authorities, accreditation bodies, and the like.

In order to inform you about the sharing, we have listed some of the events of sharing. They are:

  • We share your data with a third-party security company for the purpose of controlling access to our environments.
  • We share your data with an advertising agency, which assists us in the processes of disseminating our services, actions on our websites, and the like.
  • We share your data with partners who have tools installed on our sites (for example, Google) to analyze our website visitation statistics and negotiations involving targeted online advertising.
  • We share your data with ruling authorities to comply with inspections involving compliance with legal or regulatory obligations.
  • We share your data with partner educational institutions, may you wish to participate in any shared or exchange program.
  • We share your data with a company that provides customer service, in which we use a third-party tool for the operations.
  • We share your data with debt collection companies in the event of default.
  • We share your data with legal service providers whenever necessary for the regular exercise of Insper’s rights in administrative or judicial proceedings or contractual negotiations involving your relationship with Insper.
  • We share your data with entities responsible for accreditations to which Insper applies.
  • Whenever previously authorized, we share your data with companies specializing in the selection and hiring services, as well as with any companies interested in hiring your profile for a specific position.
  • We share your data with financial institutions and service providers to send and receive documents and communications (e.g., the Correios, Brazil’s national postal service).
  • We share your data with cloud hosting service providers; and
  • Occasionally, we share your data with providers of information technology support services for adjustments, implements, and development in our systems, servers, and websites.

Contact information and compliance with data subjects’ rights

You can contact Insper:

  • If you believe your data has been used in a manner incompatible with this Privacy Notice or contrary to data protection rules.
  • May you wish to exercise your rights under the Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (Brazil’s General Data Protection Act), especially those provided for by LGPD’s art. 18, without prejudice to the others, such as (i) confirmation of the existence of data processing; (ii) access to data; (iii) correction of incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data; (iv) anonymization, blocking, or deletion of data that is unnecessary, excessive, or processed in non-compliance with the LGPD; (v) data portability to another service or product provider, upon express request; (vi) deletion of data processed with your consent; (vii) revocation of previously provided consent; and (viii) information on public and private entities with which the controller has made shared use of data; and
  • May you have any questions or suggestions related to the provisions of this Notice or any other issue involving privacy and protection of your personal data.

To contact Insper in this regard, please consider the following channel:

Data Officer: Marcelo Destito
Email: privacidade@insper.edu.br
Physical address: Rua Quatá, 300 – Vila Olímpia – São Paulo, SP – Brazil – CEP (Zip Code): 04546-042.


Legislation and Jurisdiction of Choice

This privacy notice will be interpreted under the Federative Republic of Brazil’s legislation, regardless of conflicts with state, municipal, or other countries’ laws or regulations.

The courts of the city of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, are chosen to settle any doubts arising from this notice.