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International Mobility

At Insper, international mobility takes place in two ways: we send students, faculty members and employees to partner universities, while also welcoming them to our campus, thus providing a multicultural environment for the entire Insper community.

As an internationally accredited and recognized higher education institution, we have partnerships with over 100 universities around the world. Our undergraduate and graduate students can participate in exchange, dual degree and extension programs at renowned universities in the five continents.

Each international mobility program has different features that vary according to program, number of places, selection processes, requirements, payment methods and length. Our students have an office available to assist them in all stages of international mobility. If you are an Insper student, look for more information about the opportunities available for your program at the Student Life or the Student Portal.

If you are an applicant, please contact the Applicant Guidance Center by email at candidato@insper.edu.br.

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student at a university outside Brazil and are interested in studying at Insper for a semester or a year, you’ll be very welcome!

We offer a range of courses in English to welcome foreign students for one to two consecutive semesters in the fields of Administration, Economics and Engineering. Those courses are part of our programs and meet the credit regulations of international institutions. The information below will guide you on how to get a spot.

First step: check if your institution is on the list of “Partner Universities”.

If so, reach out to the international office at your university and inform them of your interest in studying at Insper. They will be in charge of nominating you and will provide more details about the selection process.

For more information on our application process through partner universities, please see our 2022 Factsheet.

If your university is not a partner, you can still apply to Insper through the Free Mover process. Soon we will share more information here. It is important that you speak with the international office at your university about matters such as enrollment status during exchange programs, credit transfer, and more.

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