Internal Evaluation Commission

The Executive Committee is responsible for managing Insper’s operational activities


The Internal Evaluation Commission contributes to the school’s planning and progress by evaluating practices in the various institutional dimensions, proposing improvement initiatives and monitoring the results obtained.

Insper’s self-evaluation process, which is conducted in accordance with the National Higher Education Evaluation System (SINAES) created by the Ministry of Education, was institutionalized through the creation of the Internal Evaluation Commission. The commission engages participants from Insper to reflect jointly on our plans and how we execute the proposed activities, on which practices and technologies we adopt and on the level of performance obtained.

The Internal Evaluation Commission convenes meetings of its members and an annual forum in which the chairman of the Visiting Committee participates.

Members of Insper’s Internal Evaluation Commission in 2019

Administrative Technicians

  • Debora Mallet Pezarim de Angelo (Coordenadora da CPA)
  • Giovanna Spada de Lima
  • Ana Carolina Oliveira de Souza (Suplente)
  • Camila Domingues Ribeiro (Suplente)
  • Thanuci Silva (Suplente)


  • Maria Kelly Venezuela
  • Raul Ikeda Gomes da Silva
  • Ana Helena Campos (Suplente)
  • Camila de Freitas Souza Campos (Suplente)
  • Camila Pereira Boscov (Suplente)

Student Body

  • Marcos Tagé Veríssimo Ribeiro
  • Rodrigo Silva Caboclo
  • Eugenio Eulampio Joaquim de Figueiredo (Suplente)
  • Iasmin Patrícia Braz Souza (Suplente)
  • Juliano Nehme Nassar (Suplente)
  • Luiz Marujo (Suplente)
  • Matheus Maciel de Matos Mendes (Suplente)
  • Wesley Gabriel Albano da Silva (Suplente)


  • Thiago Chaer
  • Vinícius Lamarca Martins



Debora Mallet Pezarim de Angelo – Coordinator of the Internal Evaluation Comission

“Insper’s mission is to be a center of excellence in education and the generation of knowledge in order to create value for organizations and society. To fulfill this purpose, the institution must conduct self-assessments and be assessed by others, whether through international accreditation processes (AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS), assessments conducted by government agencies or by formulating its strategic planning and establishing targets.
From this perspective, our Internal Evaluation Commission (CPA) is an independent commission that helps the school, in a planned and consistent manner, to assess and plan the interventions required to attain the standards of excellence to which it aspires.”



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