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LL.C. in Corporate Law

LL.C. in Corporate Law is a graduate program designed to further the development of lawyers at the onset of their careers by focusing on two main areas: (a) instrumental development in the field of Private Corporate Law; and (b) development of the skills and competencies required to serve clients with legal problems in the field of corporate law.

With total class time of 405 hours, the program lasts approximately 18 months.

General competencies to be developed

  • Using a multidisciplinary vision to better understand the main concepts related to the functioning of organizations and their legal implications
  • Specializing by acquiring in-depth technical knowledge of corporate law while conciliating the related theoretical-conceptual and practical aspects
  • Interdisciplinary approach to the various branches of law by identifying the different implications of corporate problems to support resolutions of legal matters that are aligned with the client’s strategy

Who should attend

Bachelors of law with professional experience in the field of law and in the private sector of at least one year (intern/trainee) and at most five years.

Why should I choose Insper’s LL.C. in Corporate Law?

Insper’s LL.C. in Corporate Law program offers an active, participatory and interdisciplinary learning experience that goes far beyond mere theory. Over the course of the programs, students work in teams supported by extensive discussion with colleagues of similar experience and a direct vision that provides practical, comprehensive and competent coverage of the main legal and corporate issues of today.

The rigorous admissions process results in homogenous classes that make the most of classroom discussions and provide a rich exchange of experiences.

The competencies developed by the program prepare students to deftly navigate the competitive market, which suffers from a shortage of professionals specialized in the field, especially given the expansion of globalization, which is responsible for major changes in financial and capital markets. The program provides a comprehensive, practical and competent vision of law, covering the key legal and business issues of today.

The program’s faculty is formed by prominent professionals who have not only vast market experience, but also are equipped with the latest teaching and learning techniques.

Rodrigo Fernandes Rebouças