Admission Process

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Admissions to the Doctoral Program in Business Economics

Unlike other doctoral program in economics, but inspired by the models of international business schools, upon applying, students must already manifest their interest in a certain line of research. However, since the first year consists of the same courses for all research lines, students may later migrate to another line upon approval of the request by the program coordinators and by the leaders of the research lines.


  • Professionals seeking a rigorous academic experience and subsequent placement as a professor or researcher at good schools.
  • Fluency in English

The admissions process for the Doctoral Program in Business Economics consists of the following steps:

1: Application Form (November 16th, 2020)

The application form is an integral part of the admissions process and, as such, we recommend that you provide a complete and detailed description of your current professional experience and educational background. Click here to access the Application Form.

2: List of Documents Required in the Admissions Process (November 16th, 2020)

The following documents are required for the evaluation process by the program coordinators 

  • A copy of your scores on the GMAT®, GRE , ANPAD or ANPEC exams (the scores of exams taken in previous years may be accepted, preferably within the last three years)
  • A copy of the transcript from the undergraduate program (notarized copy or photocopy presented together with the original document)
  • Résumé
  • “Recommendation Letters” (signed and delivered in sealed envelopes carrying the logo of the school or organization)
  • “Letter of Intent” specifying the applicant’s interests and the line of research they wish to follow.
  • Any additional information deemed relevant, such as copies of publications or master’s dissertation, if applicable.

3: Interview and Document Analysis (November 23th to 30th, 2020)

Applicants who perform well based on the material submitted in Step 3 will be called for an interview with the Program Coordinators.

4: Performance Analysis and Approval by Program Coordinators

The applicant’s performance in all steps is analyzed by the program coordinators.  All applicants accepted will be invited to enroll, while those not selected will be duly informed.

5: Registration (December 8th to 18th, 2020)

Documents required upon enrollment

  • Two copies of your identification document – RG (no other documents are accepted, including drivers’ license or passports)
  • A copy of your individual taxpayer card (CPF)
  • Two copies of your undergraduate diploma (notarized copy or photocopy presented together with the original document)
  • Two copies of your voter card
  • Two copies of your birth or marriage certificate
  • Two certified copies of your military discharge certificate
  • Signed copy of the Insper Code of Ethics and Conduct

* Applicants who received an undergraduate degree overseas must present, within one (1) year of enrollment, a revalidation of their diploma by a Brazilian public university (in accordance with MEC/CNE resolution 8 dated 10/04/2007). As such, the applicant must provide the following, among other documents: notarized and consularized copies with sworn translation of their diploma, transcript and program curriculum, which must be duly registered at a Brazilian institution, such as USP or UNICAMP.


Over the course of the Doctoral Program, students receive a complementary scholarship sponsored initially by Insper and by the research centers. In exchange, as is common practice at international schools, the students work as research and academic assistants starting in the second year of the program. Later, a portion of these scholarships may be obtained from research development agencies.

Issue of visas for foreigners and validation of diploma

To obtain a student visa in Brazil, students must contact the Brazilian embassy or consulate in their home country. Pay attention to the deadlines and procedures for obtaining the visa that must be completed before the program’s start date.

A request for extension must be made in accordance with the procedures of the Department of Federal Police within thirty (30) days before the visa expires. Learn more