Doctoral Program

  • Insper is expanding its portfolio of graduate programs by launching a Doctoral Program with an unprecedented proposition in Brazil by exploring the interface of  Economics and Business. The full-time Doctoral Program features classes in English to facilitate the admission of foreign students as well as access by graduates to international universities.

  • Research Fields

    The program features three fields of research that are related to the topics studied by Insper’s Research Centers: Strategy (Center for Strategy), Applied Microeconomics (Center for Public Policy) and Finance (Center for Finance).

    Students receive a rigorous quantitative academic experience they can apply to the problems faced by organizations when taking a wide range of strategic decisions and by governments in the execution of their policies and regulatory activities.

  • Scholarships

    Over the course of the doctoral program, students receive a complementary scholarship initially sponsored by Insper and research centers. In exchange, as is common practice at international schools, the students work as research and academic assistants starting in the second year of the program. Later, students may obtain a portion of their scholarships from research development agencies.


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