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Certificate in Business and People Management

Designed to benefit professionals from all areas of a company, the program is based on an innovative model that initially covers general administrative competencies in order to give students a macro view of the corporate environment. Building on this overview, the program shifts its focus to people management skills, such as team leadership, conflict management, communication, training and planning, as well as human resource practices for organizations, which are important for aligning the corporate culture and developing team members.

With a total of 482 classroom hours, the program lasts approximately 18 months and allows students the possibility of earning additional certificates in the programsCertificate in Business Administration (CBA) and Certificate in Business Projects (CBP).. In addition to dedicating 482 hours to the program’s courses, students also must set aside time for the team projects proposed by the Teamwork Experience, a parallel approach integrated with the CBPM program that includes 18 hours of team coaching sessions at Insper during the course.

Who should attend

The Certificate in Business and People Management (CBPM) graduate program is designed for professionals with up to three years of experience who are or plan to become team leaders and are interested in developing people management competencies.

Why choose the Certificate in Business and People Management (CBPM) at Insper?

Business and people management is critical for enabling managers to engage and align teams with the organizational objectives. Insper created the graduate program specifically to meet the development needs of team managers facing this challenge early in their careers. The innovative program first focuses on giving students a multifunctional perspective of organizations, which then serves as the foundation for enhancing competencies involving people management and forming teams.

From among the many topics covered, the CBPM starts with the fundamentals of business administration, such as interpersonal skills, economic and financial analyses, operations and marketing, after which the focus shifts to people management (see the curriculum). This structure also allows for the possibility of earning additional certificates in Business Administration or Project Management.

Another differential of this Insper program is the Teamwork Experience, a parallel approach integrated with the program courses that was developed based on: the need for experience-based development, since behaviors and attitudes only evolve in this way; and the knowledge that, in today’s world, teamwork competency, which is formed by attitudes and behaviors, is highly valued in the labor market and as necessary as technical and cognitive competencies.

Program Goals

The Certificate in Business and People Management program shares with the CBP and CBA programs the following general objectives:

  • Problem solving: solving problems using a rational model, from characterizing the problem to suggesting solutions to the business.
  • Communication: communicating convincingly, confidently and persuasively with the organization’s various stakeholders, supported by materials that reinforce the message and adopting language suited to the target public.
  • Results orientation: working on organizational processes and projects to achieve the results requested by the organization on a lasting basis.
  • Multifunctional vision: developing the capacity to think and act taking into account the relationship among all of the organization’s business processes and products
  • Teamwork: acquiring the competencies required for effective teamwork from the individual level (i.e., understanding and leveraging their role on the team) to the coordination level (i.e., preparing and leading the team to execute its activities).

Guy Cliquet do Amaral Filho
Associate Dean Certificates Programs

Master of Mecatronic Engineering from the Polytechnic School at the University of São Paulo (USP) and received a bachelor’s degree from the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA). He holds professional certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI). In addition to his professorships, his career includes 25 years of experience in senior management positions at companies such as Twill, American Tool Companies, Synchro and Braskem. His experience in Project Management includes initiatives in the areas of Management Systems, Automation, Manufacturing, Software Development and Education. He is a doctor of Organizational Behavior from Tulane University (New Orleans).