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Certificate in Financial Management

The Certificate in Financial Management (CFM) is a graduate program designed to improve financial management skills.

With a strong focus on applying concepts to the day-to-day activities of companies and financial markets, the CFM greatly expands students’ understanding and vision of financial management processes, while also developing their skills in the areas of results orientation and problem solving, effectively preparing them to assume management positions.

Who should attend

The CFM is aimed at professionals with up to three years of experience who have proven functional knowledge of financial markets or the financial departments of companies who want to improve their skills in Financial Management, acquire the preparation required to solve financial problems at organizations, develop a critical sense of financial analysis, and accelerate their careers through the development of managerial skills.

Why should I choose Insper’s Graduate Program in Finance (CFM)?

Because the CFM was designed to develop professionals who become references in their organizations regardless of where they work.

Structured to ensure students make the most of their experience, the CFM covers subjects that range from the fundamentals of finance, such as economics and financial math, to an in-depth exploration of aspects related to managing financial processes, such as managing financial risks and valuing companies (see the program curriculum).

The faculty of the CFM program is formed by prominent professionals who have not only vast market experience, but are also equipped with the latest teaching and learning techniques.

The diversity of student knowledge and backgrounds also contributes to the richness of the learning process at Insper. CFM students are constantly encouraged to share their experiences and skills, drawing a parallel between the reality of their day-to-day activities with the content presented in the classroom in order to improve their ability to identify critical business issues supported by logical positions and arguments.

Program Goals

  • Develop alternative financing and investment options
  • Evaluate and propose decisions on financial products and risk management
  • Develop and control financial targets that meet the predefined organizational objectives
  • Establish, implement and monitor effective financial-performance indicators to measure the risk or returns of the business

Guy Cliquet do Amaral Filho
Associate Dean Certificates Programs

Master of Mecatronic Engineering from the Polytechnic School at the University of São Paulo (USP) and received a bachelor’s degree from the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA). He holds professional certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI). In addition to his professorships, his career includes 25 years of experience in senior management positions at companies such as Twill, American Tool Companies, Synchro and Braskem. His experience in Project Management includes initiatives in the areas of Management Systems, Automation, Manufacturing, Software Development and Education. He is a doctor of Organizational Behavior from Tulane University (New Orleans).