Insper is an independent, nonprofit institution that is recognized internationally as a center of excellence in teaching and knowledge generation and that seeks to contribute to organizations and society, with its governance model aligned with the highest standards of the world’s best universities.

Its contributions include applied research in the fields of administration and economics focused on topics of particular relevance to Brazil’s social and economic development, as well as the scholarship fund, which gives young students with academic potential a chance to pursue an undergraduate degree.

In addition to reinvesting all of its operational profits back into its activities, Insper also has fundraising initiatives that make possible the development of new academic and institutional projects and bolster its financial independence.

The objective of fundraising is to collect, through donations from individuals and organizations, funds for three main fronts: the scholarship fund for undergraduate studies, academic and research projects and projects to build new facilities.

  • Alumni and Student Donors to the Scholarship Fund
  • Friends of Insper Donors to the Scholarship Fund
  • Spaces on Campus
  • Special thanks to the Friends of Insper who sponsored the construction of the campus in 2006
  • Academic Projects
  • Engineering School 2015

The Scholarship Program, which is maintained by the scholarship fund, has the main objective of offering opportunities to youth with high academic capacity who require financial assistance to pursue undergraduate studies at Insper. The school offers non-repayable and partially repayable full scholarships, with the discount of the latter varying from 30% to 80%.

Insper fosters social inclusion and diversity in its student body to promote an environment that encourages the exchange of experiences and values and that adds value to society.
Since the program’s creation in 2004, the fund has already supported 235 scholarship students, of whom 105 already have graduated, and has also invested R$8 million in scholarship grants.

The fund is formed by three revenue sources:

  • The transfer of 1% of the revenue earned from undergraduate programs (Insper’s contribution to the fund)
  • Repayments by scholarship students
  • Donations from individuals and organizations

For more information, please send an e-mail to ri@insper.edu.br

Academic projects supported by fundraising efforts seek to create applied research centers and to develop new academic programs and courses. These include:

  • Center for Public Policy: Donations have made possible not just the creation of the center itself, but also the maintenance of its activities, such as the development of research and events related to topics like education, crime, elections, job market and health.
  • Effective Problem Solving and Problems in Economics: Donations made possible the creation and operation of the Effective Problem Solving and Problem in Economics projects for undergraduate students in the business administration and economics programs, respectively. Both projects seek to instill in students skills such as problem solving, teamwork, communication and results orientation through practical activities conducted at partner companies.
  • Undergraduate program in Engineering: In 2015, as a result of the joint support of companies and individual donors, an undergraduate program in Engineering will be launched in three fields: mechanical, computer and mechatronic engineering.

Since 2005, Insper has received support from society by raising funds for the creation and maintenance of its current campus in Vila Olímpia. Initially, 63 institutions, companies and families contributed by donating R$12 million, which was allocated to the scholarship fund and to the construction of various spaces on campus, such as the Telles Library, the Steffi and Max Perlman Auditorium, the Tufic Oadi Saddi Faculty Lounge, as well as classrooms and spaces for student organizations. On this occasion, the school’s first sponsored spaces were created, whose objective was to honor Brazilian who have made important contributions to the country in either the private or public sector in order to serve as a real and positive example to everyone on campus.

In 2009, a new fundraising effort made possible an 80% increase in the campus’s total floor space with the aim of expanding academic programs and offering more common areas.
Attentive to the market’s needs and consistent with the objective of working with complementary fields of knowledge, in 2012, Insper began a fundraising process for the creation of undergraduate programs in Engineering.

In 2013, the school successfully concluded the first phase of the fundraising effort with a total of R$84.5 million in funding commitments, surpassing the target of R$80 million. Part of the funds raised was used to acquire lots adjacent to the existing campus that will receive the new campus dedicated to Engineering.

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