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Professor Opportunities

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Insper offers academic programs with learning goals determined by the various stages of a career, and also produces and disseminates knowledge in the fields of business and economics.

With the goal of forming a faculty that is well balanced in terms of the diversity of backgrounds, the school follows clear guidelines regarding recruiting requirements.

The priority aspects observed in a professor’s profile are: academic or professional qualifications and proven teaching capacity and/or potential (assessed by test classes) and intellectual contributions. The institution’s guidelines include identification with the school’s educational vision and clear interest and availability in continually improving and becoming involved in the school’s evolution.

Research-oriented positions in Marketing

– Permanent curriculum vita database:  faculty@insper.edu.br

Interested in living in Brazil? Send your curriculum vitae to be included in our permanent database.

When a need arises in one of our programs, the program directors will contact pre-selected candidates after analyzing their curriculum vitae.