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All great business schools around the world have not only always promoted innovative entrepreneurship, but received support from entrepreneurs as well. At Insper, this relationship with Brazilian entrepreneurs grows stronger with each passing day. Not by chance, many of Insper’s classrooms were christened with the names of entrepreneurs who gave or continue to give support to the school or who have contributed to the construction of a greater and better country.

As part of its tradition that harks back more than 30 years, Insper, through its undergraduate and graduate programs, has contributed to the development of innumerous entrepreneurs and intra-entrepreneurs who have led the creation of new businesses or the expansion of existing ones.

This is the context in which Insper’s Center for Entrepreneurship works to support the members of the Insper Community who want to follow an entrepreneurial career or to develop the competencies they need to act as entrepreneurs in any environment or type of organization.


Insper’s Center for Entrepreneurship organizes activities, supports the development of courses related to entrepreneurship and offers services to the entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs of the Insper Community.

The center’s activities are organized around Insper’s key values: Inspire, Belong and Transform.

Inspire: promote situations and experiences that encourage entrepreneurial and innovative behavior in those interested in the subject or in entrepreneurs who already head up businesses.
Belong: create situations to promote stronger relationships between entrepreneurs and Insper and organize situations in which entrepreneurs from the Insper Community can expand their relationship networks.

Transform: organize activities, courses and services to support the entrepreneurs of the Insper Community in putting into practice their entrepreneurial behavior.

Contact: empreendedorismo@insper.edu.br

Vinicius Picanço
Coordenador do Centro de Empreendedorismo

Victor Macul
Coordenador do Centro de Empreendedorismo