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China is the main destination for Brazilian agribusiness products, accounting for more than a third of its exports. Brazil is the main agribusiness supplier to China, with special emphasis on soy, meats, wood pulp, sugar, and cotton. At the same time, the Asia giant has undertaken great investments in agribusiness and infrastructure in Latin America, Africa, and Russia, seeking to guarantee food security in relation to the commodities on which it mainly depends.

With this backdrop, we discussed the threats, opportunities, and challenges of the strategic partnership between Brazil and China within the field of agribusiness from a Chinese perspective. We received Larissa Wachholz, special advisor to the Minister of Agriculture for China-related matters and senior fellow at CEBRI, Marcos Caramuru de Paiva, former Brazilian ambassador to China and international advisor at CEBRI, Amy Chan, board member at the companies Fiagril and Belagricola appointed by their Chinese shareholders and Rogério Moraes, general director of JBS in Asia.

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Date: 20/05/2021

Time: 18h00


20/05/2021 - Brazilian agribusiness seen from China

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Amy Chan

Board member of Fiagril and Belagricola appointed by their Chinese shareholders. She is also a private equity investor and founder of an agro fintech. Post-graduated at the University of Oxford.

Julia Dias Leite

Executive director of CEBRI. She has been working in the field of international relations for 20 years. She is the former executive secretary of the Brazil-China Business Council (CEBC). She is a fellow at the Inter-American Dialogue and chairman of the board of directors of Piemonte Holding.

Larissa Wachholz

Special advisor to the Brazilian Minister of Agriculture, for Chinese affairs. Experienced within the Asian market. She has lived in Beijing from 2008 to 2013. She has Master degree in contemporary studies in China by Renmin University of China.

Marcos Caramuru de Paiva

Diplomat, special consultant in China and international advisor at CEBRI. He has served as the Brazilian ambassador in China and Malaysia, secretary of international affairs at the Ministry of Economy and director of the World Bank.

Marcos S. Jank

Senior professor of global agribusiness at Insper and coordinator of Insper Agro Global. Member of the CEBRI International Advisory Board.

Rogério Moraes

General Director of JBS in Asia. He has more than 20 years of experience in foreign trade management, marketing and global sourcing, in companies such as JBS, Nestlé, Grupo Cacique and BRF. He is currently based in Shanghai.