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05/18/2020Insper’s webinar discusses the impact of COVID-19 on labor and employment relationships

The first in a series of virtual seminars addressed labor relations’ challenges and paths forward in this new scenario 4/2/2020 On April 1st, we held the C... read more

05/18/2020Insper takes part in emergency action to benefit vulnerable communities in São Paulo

The initiative seeks to allocate funds directly to community leaders for the purchase of food staples and other basic household items 3/31/2020 Insper — th... read more

05/18/2020Strategy: learn about the main challenges for companies

David Kallás, professor at Insper and coordinator of the Center for Business Studies (CENeg), addresses challenges and paths for companies in this period of crisis ... read more

05/18/2020Fab Lab collaborates in the production of models of pieces of protective devices for Healthcare professionals

Daniel Krás, Laboratory Manager at Fab Lab, starts the series of interviews with Insper professors and managers on actions and tips to mitigate the impact of COVID-1... read more

05/18/2020Mitigating the impacts of the crisis on the most vulnerable requires effective and swift action

Naercio Menezes Filho talks about the effectiveness of initiatives carried out by the Brazilian government to help the most vulnerable population and addresses the a... read more

05/18/2020Initiative estimates the effect of different measures to combat the new coronavirus in Brazilian favelas

The Favelas Contra o Coronavírus (Favelas Against Coronavirus) simulator contributes to the debate on the implementation of initiatives to combat Covid-19 in the mos... read more

05/18/2020A survey carried out by the Taxation Department lists tax measures adopted by 43 countries

A survey carried out by the Taxation Department lists tax measures adopted by 43 countries 4/8/2020 In an interview, Breno Vasconcelos, professor at Insper... read more



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