• Through donations from Insper partners, chairs facilitate research by renowned academics. Their studies are translated into public policy and applied knowledge that is debated and shared with society. Three projects currently figurehead this partnership between Insper and private institutions: IFB (education, labor market, health and social and environmental impact, among others), Ayrton Senna Institute (public policies for education managers), Unibanco Institute (quality secondary and technical education) and Palavra Aberta Institute (political freedom and freedom of expression).  We also count with a chair dedicated exclusively to research and education in Business Administration, the Chafi Haddad Chair.


  • IFB Chair

    Founded on the ideals of Instituto Futuro Brasil – IFB and focused on producing research on public policy, this chair is held by Professor Naercio Menezes Filho.

  • Insper and Palavra Aberta Chair

    A partnership between Insper and Instituto Palavra Aberta, this chair is held by Professor Fernando Schüler, whose mission is to defend freedom of thought, economic initiative and political expression.

  • Ayrton Senna Institute Chair

    Insper and Ayrton Senna Institute join forces to research the development of public policy in Education. Professor Ricardo Paes de Barros leads this initiative.

  • Unibanco Institute Chair

    Led by Professor Sergio Firpo, Insper and Instituto Unibanco join forces to create an endowed chair that will conduct research on secondary education in Brazil.

  • Chafi Haddad Chair in Business Administration

    Charged with the mission of fostering research and debate in the field of Business Administration, the Chafi Haddad Chair will be led by Professor Sérgio Lazzarini.

  • Economics and Environmental Chair

    Created in partnership with the Escolhas Institute, the endowed chair promotes social and environmental initiatives using an approached grounded in the economic sciences, under the coordination of Priscila Claro.


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