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Self Assessment Committee

The SAC contributes to the school’s planning and progress by evaluating practices in the various institutional dimensions, proposing improvement initiatives and monitoring the results obtained.

The self-assessment process, in accordance with the National Higher Education Assessment System (SINAES), created by the Ministry of Education, was institutionalized with the creation of the Self-Assessment Committee (SAC). This Committee involves Insper’s participants in order to jointly reflect on what we intend and how to carry out the proposed activities, what practices and technologies we use, and the level of performance achieved. The SAC holds periodic meetings among its members and counts on the participation of the External Assessment Committee (EAC).

The members of the Self-Assessment Committee, which are divided into sub-commissions, produce reports based on in-depth discussions of each of the ten dimensions including the self-evaluation recommended by SINAES. These reports are discussed in the commission’s annual meeting and generate important suggestions for improvement, which are used to draft the target plan of the institution’s various areas.

To contact the Self-Assessment Committee, send an email to cpa@insper.edu.br

Members of Insper’s Internal Evaluation Commission

Administrative Technicians

  • Guy Cliquet do Amaral Filho – Coordenador da CPA
  • Joyce Janaina Cocato de Souza
  • Thanuci Silva (Alternate)
  • André Luiz Marques (Alternate)


  • André Antunes Soares de Camargo
  • Vinícius Licks
  • Camila Pereira Boscov (Alternate)
  • Gino Abraham Olivares Leandro (Alternate)
  • José Geraldo Setter Filho (Alternate)

Student Body

  • Matheus Maciel de Matos Mendes
  • Nabih Helou Neto
  • Gabrielle Barroso Orso (Alternate)


  • Bruna Ancheschi Lopes
  • Daniel Lima Gonçalves
  • Wesley Gabriel Albano da Silva (Alternate)
  • Juliano Nehme Nassar (Alternate)


Debora Mallet Pezarim de Angelo – Coordinator of the Internal Evaluation Comission

“Insper’s mission is to be a center of excellence in education and the generation of knowledge in order to create value for organizations and society. To fulfill this purpose, the institution must conduct self-assessments and be assessed by others, whether through international accreditation processes (AMBA, AACSB and EQUIS), assessments conducted by government agencies or by formulating its strategic planning and establishing targets.
From this perspective, our Internal Evaluation Commission (CPA) is an independent commission that helps the school, in a planned and consistent manner, to assess and plan the interventions required to attain the standards of excellence to which it aspires.”