LL.M. - Master of Laws

  • Insper’s LL.M. programs prepare legal professionals to work confidently and critically in the public, private, financial and business arenas. Designed for those focused on legal and corporate issues, the specializations offered are: Contract Law, Financial and Capital Markets Law, Corporate Law, Tax Law and LL.C. in Corporate Law.

  • What’s the LL.M. – Master of Laws?

    Advanced studies in the field of law that focus on the market.

    The LL.M. programs were created to meet today’s demand for law professionals who are more complete and flexible and understand how corporations work in order to apply legal principles to the conduction of large-scale negotiations at both the national and international levels.

  • New Law Program – LL.C

    LL.C. in Corporate Law is a graduate program designed to further the development of lawyers at the onset of their careers by focusing on two main areas: (a) instrumental development in the field of Private Corporate Law; and (b) development of the skills and competencies required to serve clients with legal problems in the field of corporate law.CV

  • Learning Experience

    Our programs expose students to the real-world situations that companies face every day, preparing them to think critically and act as agents of change in their organizations. In addition to practical applications, the intense exchange of knowledge between professors and students and networking promoted by interaction among classmates.


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