Welcome Week 2016.2

Insper Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa
Monday – August 8th 2016 Local
8A.M. Welcome to our new students Auditorium
8:15 A.M. Students Organizations – Athletic and Social Group Auditorium
8:30 A.M.  “Kit Bixo* ” – You can buy Insper’s T-shirts and others Auditorium
10A.M. Trote Solidário – Activities in a charity institution (There will be buses to take you there, don’t miss it) Outdoor activities
5 P.M. Back to Insper  – end of the official activities
Tuesday – August 9th 2016 Local
7:30 A.M. Normal classes as in Student Calendar Classrooms
1:30 P.M. Crash Course Activities with Insper’s AIESEC Classroom –  308, 3rd floor
2 P.M. Do you have questions? Carrer Center, Student’s life, tour at Insper, International Office and other people are going to be here to help you!  Classroom –  308, 3rd floor
Wednesday – August 10th Local
7:30 AM Normal classes as in Student Calendar Classrooms
12 P.M.  –  1:30P.M. Welcome Get-Together – It’s a warm welcome from us to you, Exchange Students – bring your flags and be prepared for pictures. Foyer – Ground floor
2 P.M. Info Session – Internship oportunity  Classroom –  308, 3rd floor
3:30 P.M. End of the official activities  Classroom –  308, 3rd floor
Thursday – August 11th 2016 Local
7:30A.M. Normal classes as in Students Calendar Classrooms
12P.M. – 1:15 PM Students Organization fair – come and meet all the opportunities you have to do in your free time! Foyer – Ground floor
2 P.M. – 16h International Club – Discover how to be an Insper student Classroom –  Eugênio Gudin – 3rd floor
Friday – August 12th  2016 Local
7:30 A.M> Normal classes as in Student Calendar Classrooms
2P.M. –  5 P.M. Cultural activities* with students organizations (to be confirmed) Foyer – Ground floor


This are the official activities but our students are preparing much more for you guys! They’ll keep contact.

There is an exchange group with buddies on facebook joint it: https://www.facebook.com/groups/621260618047407/ 

Stay tuned to your Insper’s e-mail. Any specific questions contat the International Office.

*Some of the activities you may need to pay for yourself.


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