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We seek complying to national and International accreditation criteria and being a governance reference for public and private organizations

Our Governance model aims to fulfill highest standards from public and private organizations, in addition to conform with different criteria to achieve accreditations, national and international certifications and to fulfill vision and mission.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is Insper’s highest management body. Its mission is to choose the President of the institution, as well as his strategic orientation, vision and mission.

Associates Assembly

Associates Assembly is an additional governance institution, mainly formed by member of donating families who created Insper as an independent non-profit entity. The assembly is responsible for approving indication of Institution President, to ensure that mission and vision are fulfilled and there are enough resources to fulfill this objective.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for managing Insper’s operational activities in accordance with the strategic guidelines established by the Board of Directors.

Self Assessment Committee – SAC

SAC develops a joint reflection on what the school intends, how to perform proposed activities, which practices and technologies will be used and also assesses obtained results.

External Assessment Committee – EAC 

EAC has as purpose to bring together the different publics of interest of the school, monitor the performance and insertion in teaching and research tier, in the disciplines of business and economics.

International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board counts on the participation of prominent foreign scholars with experience in the best business schools in the world and aims to guide and evaluate our projects.

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