One of our strategic goals with internationalization is to develop global competencies in undergraduate and graduate students, and that serves as a guide to implement different activities and initiatives in our programs. We work on both fronts of Higher Education Internationalization: “Internationalization Abroad”, with programs that include international mobility, and “Internationalization at Home”, with activities carried out during the student’s academic experience without the need for international traveling.

We offer students a multicultural environment that favors the development of global competencies and network expansion, while preparing them to be global citizens well-equipped to enter a dynamic job market and to respond to contemporary challenges.

While in line with our mission, we started implementing COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) activities in the courses of our undergraduate and graduate programs in 2021. Check out our first COIL experience here.

The COIL activity is an insert planned by two professors from different universities and countries with the mutual aim of bringing to their respective classes an international perspective on one or more topics covered. The activity can be adjusted according to the partner professors’ plan, and may vary in terms of topic, length, number of inserts, level of student interaction, digital platform, etc.

To be characterized as a COIL activity at Insper, the inserts shall include (1) the contribution of an international professor by sharing their perspective together or separately, synchronously or asynchronously with Insper students and (2) the students’ interaction and discussion of the topics covered with foreign students. We recommend that mixed groups are formed for the interaction to take place.

The first step to implement COIL activities is that the professor understands their importance and impact on the development of the students’ learning process. Then, each professor will go through their network to select potential peers who teach similar or related topics at foreign universities and will invite them to be partners or reach out to the International Relations office to assist in the search for a match. Finally, it is advisable that the activities are planned before the beginning of the semester in which they’ll be inserted, so that the parties are aligned and clear as to their implementation.

We are aware of the challenges that may be present when implementing COIL activities, such as time zone, language, platform access and even connecting with potential partners. Insper professors should count on the support of the International Relations office to resolve those issues.

Check out the experience of Professor Marcelo Marchesini’s class here.

If you are a professor or international representative of a university outside Brazil and are interested in finding out more about how to collaborate with Insper in implementing COIL activities, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Does the COIL activity have to be done in English at Insper?

A: Not necessarily! If the class of the partner professor is from a Portuguese-speaking university, the activities may take place in Portuguese; otherwise, the language of instruction and interaction should be English.

How long does the COIL last?

A: At least one insert that includes an exchange among professors and students is required. The number and length of inserts shall be agreed between the partner professors.

How to find a partner?

A: If the professor does not have an international contact to assign as a partner, the International Relations office at Insper will assist in finding a potential match.

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