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The Insper campus is located in the Vila Olímpia district close to Ibirapuera Park and the new business center of São Paulo. Learn more.


Insper International Relations Office establishes international partnerships seeking to build a network of excellence aiming to foster global opportunities for our students and faculty.

Our main activities support the goal to accomplish our mission and further internationalize the School, including the administration of the Student Exchange Program at all levels, Summer Programs, Dual Degree Programs and Collaborative Research. The International Office also works closely with our Executive Education team in order to customize programs for international partners, companies and individuals interested in learning about our country’s economy and culture.

Insper welcomes international students from all over the world and is ready to assist you on a journey where you will be exposed to a challenging educational environment and also a new culture.

Degree Programs:

Language of Instruction:

  • Main language: All graduate programs classes are taught in Portuguese.
  • A variety of undergraduate courses (7 to 10 per semester) are taught in English. Program information may change every semester since the courses in English are offered in the last year of the program (7th and 8th semester – elective courses).

Portuguese Crash Course:

  • Insper offers a 25 hour Portuguese crash course for all international students. We recommend the course to all students who have not attained intermediate level Portuguese. The Portuguese classes are free of charge.

Learning Expectations:

  • Seminars, lectures, self-study.
  • Class attendance in Brazil is mandatory. Students are expected to attend a minimum of 75% of the courses in order to be approved.
  • Classes size range from 20 to 90 students.
  • Examinations take place at different times – students can check the exact examination schedules through the school calendar system.


Insper welcomes International Students from our partner institutions. The International Relations Office offers support and advice on issues regarding your period of studies.

Check Insper Partnerships.

If you wish to apply for an exchange semester at Insper, contact the International Office at your home institution for instructions. If your Institution is not a partner school please CONTACT US.

Dates and Terms for 2016:

Undergraduate Programs
1st semester 15 February – 30 June
2nd semester 08 August – 23 December
Graduate Programs
Term Certificate and L.L.M. Master’s Programs
1st 26 Jan – 31 Mar 26 Jan – 15 April
2nd 25 April – 30 June 18 April – 01 July
3rd 18 July – 15 Sept 25 July – 30 Sept
4th 03 Oct  – 01 Dec 03 Oct  – 16 Dec

Student Visa:

After receiving the acceptance letter from Insper, International exchange students must obtain a student visa at the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate in their home countries.
Please note that a tourist visa is not valid for permanence in Brazil as an international student. Visas must be obtained BEFORE admission into Brazil. A tourist visa cannot be converted into a student visa once the student has left his/her country of origin. Students without student visas will not be enrolled at Insper.

Health Insurance:

Insper does not offer any health insurance. International students are required to obtain a health insurance plan prior to arrival. A copy of the health insurance policy will be required upon arrival of the student at the Check In Session.


Insper does not offer housing for international students, however we do help students to find accommodation. After you receive the confirmation for your exchange period the International Office will provide a list of housing possibilities.


The city offers options for all kinds of budgets, restaurants can be found throughout the city. If you don’t want to cook every day, the most inexpensive way to eat is in “Restaurantes por Quilo” nearby. These restaurants charge a certain price for every 100g of food so the cost of your meal depends on its weight.
There are many restaurants and cafeterias around the campus area that are open for lunch and dinner. Prices may vary.

promotes sports practices and championships: soccer, basketball, volleyball, handball, and others. It is also organizes parties and events for the students.

Diretório Acadêmico – D.A.

represents the students. It is responsible for the student’s communication with the schools’ board. They are also responsible for parties, barbecues and other events.

Grupo de Ação Social – GAS

develops social projects through students’ volunteer work and financial donations.


Sementes Culturais

promotes debates between students and renowned members of society concerning the events of today’s world. The discussions touch on a variety of topics from economics to politics, education and others.

Insper Junior Consulting

Insper Junior Consultingled by undergraduate students in their third and fourth year, Insper Jr. Consulting provides services to a variety of clients in the fields of Economics and Business Administration. Its creativity in the solutions presented and commitment to create results are its main highlights.

this is an international student organization that, through professional exchange programs, allow students to develop their talent to make a difference in society.


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