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With a format that is unprecedented in Brazil, the proposal for an Insper Doctoral Program seeks to explore the interface between Economics and Business.

In many business schools around the world, it is common to have departments of Managerial Economics covering various fields, such as industrial organization, international trade, theory of the firm and contracts, as well as other specialized departments with research projects that heavily build on economic foundations (e.g., Finance). Likewise, many fields of knowledge in Management have increasingly incorporated economic theories and methods. For example, there is thriving literature in Economics that seeks to measure and assess the managerial practices of firms and their impact on productivity.

The proposed focus in Business Economics seeks to explore the complementarities between the fields of Economics and Management. Specifically, students receive a rigorous quantitative academic experience they can apply to the problems faced by organizations when taking a wide range of strategic decisions and by governments in the execution of their policies and regulatory activities.

The Doctoral Program has three lines of research: Strategy, Applied Microeconomics and Finance, which are related to the school’s existing research centers: Center for Strategy, Center for Public Policy and Center for Finance. 

The program is taught in English and students are expected to complete their degree in four years. The program features 26 courses, which include not only courses on foundations and specialization topics for each research line, but also applied research courses and an intensive training on how to write research papers so that students can successfully draft and defend their dissertation.

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