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Leonidas SandovalE-mail: leonidassj@insper.edu.br

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Fields of interest: Complex Networks, Econophysics, Finance



Leonidas Sandoval Junior holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of São Paulo (1987), a master’s degree in Mathematical Physics from the same institution (1990), a master’s degree in Advanced Studies in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge (1991) and a Ph.D. in Mathematics from King’s College London, University of London (1995). He also worked as a professor at Santa Catarina State University (UDESC) from 1996 to 2001, and at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie from 2002 to 2004.

He has been a professor at Insper since 2002, where he has created, co-created and taught classes in Calculus, Operational Research and Dynamic Processes for the Undergraduate programs (Business Administration and Economics), and Modeling and Simulation, Design Nature, Variation Mathematics, Multivariate Mathematics and Movement Physics for the Undergraduate programs in Engineering.

His current research focuses on Complex Networks applied to Brazilian and international financial markets, and he has published papers on this field, as well as on String Theory and Quantum Field Theory. In 2010, he published a book on Linear Algebra for economic, accounting and administration sciences. He is also writing textbooks in the fields of Differential and Integral Calculus and Economic Dynamics. He has supervised various research projects, dissertations and scientific initiation projects.




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