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Mechatronic Engineering

Undergraduate Program in Mechatronic Engineering

Mechatronic Engineering develops engineers who work to automate the machines that control the functioning of other machines and complex systems with no need for human intervention. For this, they must understand the workings of machines and mechanical devices, control and automation, electronic instrumentation and computer programing.

Because of their knowledge of mechanical, electronic and computer engineering, mechatronic engineers find a wide array of job opportunities in the industrial sector (chemical, automotive, aviation, shipping, oil and gas) as well as the services sector (information technology, banking automation, automation system integration and consulting firms). The field also offers excellent opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business, working to apply the technologies learned to create solutions for users and companies, which include the development of, for example, medical devices, residential automation systems, smart home appliances and applications for mobile devices that interact with the physical world.


1st Semester

Software Design

Great Challenges of Engineering

Instrumentation & Measurement

Modeling & Simulation of the Physical World

Design Nature

Extracurricular Activities

2nd Semester

Electric Actuators

Data Science

Co-Design of Applications

Physics of Movement

Calculus of Variations

3rd Semester


Deconstructing Matter

Design for Manufacturing

Devices that Move the World

Multivariable Mathematics

4th Semester

Technological Entrepreneurship

Field & Wave Electromagnetics

Mechanics of Solids

Modeling & Control

Thermo-Fluid Dynamics

5th Semester

Fabrication & Metrology

Machine Mechanisms & Elements

Numerical Methods

Mechatronic Project

Electronic Systems & Microprocessors

6th Semester

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Automation

Classic Control

Electrical Machines & Actuation

Automation Project

Elective Course I

7th Semester

Modern Control

Energy Conversion Machinery & Systems

Technological & Environmental Chemistry

Control Project

Elective Course II

8th Semester

Engineering Thesis I

Elective Course III

Elective Course IV

Elective Course V

9th Semester

Engineering Thesis II

Elective Course VI

Elective Course VII

Elective Course VIII

10th Semester


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