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Computer Engineering

Undergraduate Program in Computer Engineering

The field of Computer Engineering focuses on the development of computer systems and on areas in which knowledge of software and hardware is essential and complementary.

Computer engineers work on the design, planning, development and testing of computer systems. These systems vary in size from small onboard processors to massive server networks. Demand for computer engineering is constant, given the growing presence of information technology in our daily lives.


1st Semester

Software Design

Great Challenges of Engineering

Instrumentation & Measurement

Modeling & Simulation of the Physical World

Design Nature

Extracurricular Activities

2nd Semester

Electric Actuators

Data Science

Co-Design of Applications

Physics of Movement

Calculus of Variations

3rd Semester

Deconstructing Matter

Agile Collaborative Development

Elements of Systems

Multivariable Mathematics

Computational Robotics

4th Semester

Embedded Computation

Technological Entrepreneurship

Field & Wave Electromagnetics

Modeling & Control

Web Technologies

5th Semester

Programming Challenges

Technological & Environmental Chemistry

Hardware-Software Systems

Heat Transfer & Mechanics of Solids

Elective Course I

6th Semester

Cloud Computing

Computer Design


Social Networks

Elective Course II

7th Semester

Digital Games

Software Solutions


Hacker Technologies

Elective Course III

8th Semester

Engineering Thesis I

Elective Course IV

Elective Course V

Elective Course VI

9th Semester

Engineering Thesis II

Elective Course VII

Elective Course VIII

Elective Course IX

10th Semester


Insper Experience