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Relevant Information

What is the LGPD, Brazil’s General Data Protection Act?

Brazil’s Law No. 13.709/18 or Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (General Data Protection Act, also known as “LGPD,” for its acronym in Portuguese), is a law that has the specific scope of setting forth conditions regarding the protection of personal data and privacy.
This law’s purpose is that relationships involving the processing of personal data observe specific parameters, principles, and rules. Besides, the law seeks to guarantee to the subjects of personal data (any individuals) their rights under the law itself.

What is personal data?

It is possible to check the definition of personal data provided by law through LGPD’s art. 5, I. It can be understood as any information that allows your direct identification or that may come to allow your identification, depending on the context.

What is the processing of personal data?

Throughout our Privacy Notice, you may notice the use of the word “processing” regarding what we do with your personal data. This term is used generically and represents any and every action performed with your personal data, including the mere storage. You may observe a list of possible activities through LGPD’s art. 5, X.

Who are the parties involved in the LGPD?

Related to LGPD’s provisions are the parties that represent: (i) the processing agents, that is, the parties that carry out data processing subject to the LGPD. These agents can be set forth as Controllers or Operators. The Controller can be understood as the party that makes fundamental decisions about the processing, whereas the Operator must be considered as the party that carries out processing upon the Controller’s determination; (ii) the data subjects, who are nothing more than the individuals to whom the personal data refer; (iii) the National Data Protection Authority, which represents the authority responsible for the supervision, guidance, and application of the LGPD; and (iv) any other authorities that may be analyzing LGPD-related issues.

What are my rights under the LGPD?

Your rights under the LGPD, that is, your rights related to the protection of personal data and privacy, set forth by the LGPD, are for the most part provided for LGPD’s art. 18, but not only in this article. To learn more about what your rights are, you can check out our Privacy Notice section that addresses this point.

How can I claim my rights?

Insper is constantly concerned with observing individual rights and freedoms. However, may you want to contact us to claim any rights you feel are not being complied with, or may you want to confirm our compliance with them, please feel free to contact us for data protection and privacy questions.