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On the 28th and 31st of January, we welcomed new graduate students with inaugural lectures taught by our alumni. On the first date, students who joined the CertificatesMBAsAdvanced Programs, and LL.C.s were welcomed by Silvio Laban, coordinator of the Professional Masters in Business Administration.

“I thank you all for choosing our school, which always seeks to offer the best possible learning experience and maximize the opportunities you may have in your careers,” Silvio highlighted.

The alumni shared their academic and professional experiences to inspire the new students. Those entering MBAs and Advanced Programs in Finance (APFs) had the opportunity to learn about the vision of the MBA alumnus Rafael Pereira, who is a Senior Business Executive at the IT company SONDA, on the learning provided by the program at Insper and regarding the challenges his professional life. “The experience at Insper is capable of bringing new insights to what we understand as a career and future.”

The Certificates classes attended the inaugural lecture held by the Certificate in Marketing Management (CMM) alumna Marcela Zucherato, who serves as Director of Human Development at the education consultancy Instituto Zero. “Certain points in our careers, when recounted, can be perceived as victories, as they are moments that bring us a lot of learning”.

The alumnus of the LL.M. in Corporate Law Fabiano de Melo Ferreira, Senior Associate in the Financial and Capital Markets area at the law firm Baptista Luz Advogados, was responsible for the inaugural lecture for Law professionals entering the LL.C. program. “Insper contributed a lot when I sought to renew my concepts in Corporate Law. The school gave me a lot of security for my performance.”

Professional Master in Public Policy – Also on January 28, Sandro Cabral, coordinator of the Professional Masters in Public Policy, welcomed the new students of the program, who had their inaugural lecture held by Margarita Gómez, Executive Director of the People in Government Laboratory at the University of Oxford. “It is an honor to have Margarita Gómez for our inaugural lecture. She is a professional with over 12 years of experience working to build better governments and design more effective public policies”.

Among several aspects of her career, Margarita addressed the operations of the People in Government Laboratory. “It is a global research center with the aim of improving the quality, well-being, and performance of people working in the public sector. It brings together scholars and professionals from the public and private sectors, proposes multidisciplinary perspectives, and uses a wide variety of methods.”

On January 31, Guy Cliquet, Executive Coordinator of Insper’s Lato Sensu Graduate Programs, welcomed students of Weekend MBAs and Advanced Programs.

“Besides all the resources that the school makes available to you, take advantage of the spaces to do networking and open up even more possibilities and opportunities for your careers,” said Guy.

Matheus Branco, alumnus of the MBA in Finance and Chief Operating Officer at Neoway Business Solutions, gave the inaugural lecture to Weekend MBAs’ entrants. “We must always be concerned with maturing as executives and seeking a constant evolution in our performance”.

The inaugural lecture of the Advanced Program in Public Administration (PAGP, for its acronym in Portuguese) and the Advanced Program in Data Science (PADS, for its acronym in Portuguese) provided students with a chat mediated by Marcelo Marchesini, Coordinator of the Advanced Program in Public Administration, with the participation of Mariana Santos, Knowledge Coordinator at the environmental NGO Instituto Semeia, and José Eduardo Guidi, Court-Appointed Technical Expert at Brazil’s Federal Regional Court, section 1 (TRF-1, for its acronym in Portuguese) and the Court of Appeals of the Brazilian State of Rondonia. Both professionals are PAGP alumni.

“Here at Insper, I had the opportunity to talk openly with all the professors. I also would like to highlight the work done by the Career Center to support students,” said Mariana. For José Eduardo, the word impact sums up his experience at our school. “PAGP and Insper, as a whole, provide a framework for the development and leverage of knowledge”.



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