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12/02/2019Insper's International Advisory Board met on campus in october

Our International Advisory Board (IAB) brings together scholars from virtually every part of the world The annual meeting of our International Advisory Board ... read more

09/18/2017Bumpy Times in Brazil, but Hedge Funds Boom

RIO DE JANEIRO — After more than a decade as an asset manager for large multinational banks, a Brazilian, Márcio Appel, wanted to make it on his own. The political a... read more

09/18/2017Brazilian Politicians Dance Around Reform

“Two steps here, two steps there”: When storied singer Elis Regina purrs the honeyed Brazilian bolero, lovers tingle. When deft politicians take up their familiar tw... read more

09/18/2017Brazil’s development bank BNDES faces reform

Proposed changes prompted by controversies over scale of subsidised government lending When Brazil’s development bank, BNDES, attempted to change the management o... read more

04/07/2017In Brazil''s Pension Poker, Temer Bets on his Finance Minister

With Michel Temer’s closest aides sidelined by corruption scandals, Brazil’s president has increasingly relied on his finance minister, a former Wall Street executiv... read more

03/16/2017Brazil, Widening the Hunt for Corruption, Finds It Under Every Rock

The nationwide ‘Car Wash’ case has encouraged local prosecutors to dig into hundreds of bribery scandals, paralyzing cities around the country RIBEIRÃO PRETO, Bra... read more

03/16/2017Brazil's recession worst on record

Brazil has been in recession for two years, the latest figures show, marking the deepest economic decline since records began. 03/09/2017 - BBC News... read more

03/16/2017Loaded With Cash, Brazilians Are Urged to Forget About Austerity

Honeymoons on the Mediterranean aren’t the kind of investment that Brazil’s compulsory savings plan was set up to finance. Employers have to pay a chunk of their ... read more

11/24/2016Practical matters will outweigh puritanism for evangelical Rio mayor

RIO DE JANEIRO In a city best known for bacchanalia and flesh-filled beaches, the election of an evangelical bishop as mayor has some free-wheeling residents of Rio ... read more

10/28/2016Brazil’s evangelicals push politics to the right.

An evangelical missionary in Africa for several years, Brazilian senator Marcelo Crivella once described Catholics and other Christian denominations as demonic and c... read more

10/28/2016Brazil’s Former House Speaker Eduardo Cunha Arrested in Corruption Investigation

SÃO PAULO— Eduardo Cunha, Brazil’s former House speaker who spearheaded the impeachment proceedings that toppled former President Dilma Rousseff, was arrested Wednes... read more

10/27/2016NotíciasDownfall of André Esteves Stands Out in Brazil Scandal

André Esteves is not the only rich and powerful Brazilian to be swept up in a corruption investigation that has rocked the country. Police officials here say they... read more

10/27/2016New chief begins gargantuan task of reviving oil group by cutting its vast debts

The arrest last week of Guido Mantega, Brazil’s longest-serving finance minister, would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. Just as his wife was about to un... read more

10/27/2016Petrobras’s oil bonanza: Blessing or curse?

In 2008, Petrobras and its main stakeholder – the government of Brazil – hit the jackpot. The state oil firms technicians discovered one of the worlds largest oil r... read more

10/18/2016Brazil’s Michel Temer battles to sell austerity reforms

Michel Temer faces his first serious test as Brazil’s president as his government embarks on some of the most potentially unpopular austerity-related reforms the cou... read more

10/18/2016Apathy on the streets of post-Rousseff Brazil

Brazil is the country of the future and always will be. Brazil is not a serious country. In Brazil even the past is uncertain. On occasion the clichés Brazilians use... read more

10/18/2016With Impeachment Over, Brazil’s Next Challenge Is Its Flailing Economy

BRASÍLIA — Brazilians booed him as he presided over the opening of the Olympics in Rio. He has been accused of taking bribes. The economy he is supposed to rescue is... read more

10/18/2016Dilma Rousseff impeached by Brazil’s Senate in historic vote

Brazil’s senate voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday to impeach President Dilma Rousseff in a historic decision that ends nearly 14 years of rule by her leftwing Worker... read more

10/18/2016In Brazil’s Market Upturn, Enthusiastic Investors May Be Overlooking Problems

RIO DE JANEIRO—Brazil’s real has been the world’s best-performing major currency this year and its stock market has risen by one-third, all on hopes that President D... read more

10/18/2016Brazilian markets: blistering run faces higher hurdles

Brazilian markets: blistering run faces higher hurdles Samantha Pearson and Robin Wigglesworth ©Reuters As the world’s media fly out of Rio de Janeiro over ... read more

10/18/2016Brazil looks to build on goals beyond football success

Within 15 seconds of the semi-final of the men’s football tournament at the Olympics kicking off, Neymar was bearing down on goal. Brazil’s star striker was tackled ... read more

10/18/2016Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s Suspended President, Appeals for Reprieve

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazil’s suspended president, Dilma Rousseff, made a last-ditch appeal to lawmakers and voters on Tuesday, promising to hold new elections should sh... read more

10/18/2016Sewage-Stained Rio Olympics Revive Brazil’s Privatization Dreams

Two months before the Olympics, the world is eyeing the sewage off Rio de Janeiro with both alarm and black humor -- marathon swimmers say they are afraid of getting... read more

10/13/2016Brazil's 'Half-Price Culture' Hurts Artists and Taxpayers

As Brazilian police busts go, last summers Operation Freeloader wasnt a big deal. The $55 million allegedly purloined by marketing miscreants paled before the Petrob... read more

10/11/2016Dilma Rousseff’s Workers’ Party Bears Brunt of Brazil’s Ire in Municipal Elections

Results reflect frustration with the political establishment in a nation rocked by corruption and economic pain BRASÍLIA—Brazilian voters punished the leftist Wor... read more

10/05/2016New chief begins gargantuan task of reviving oil group by cutting its vast debts

The arrest last week of Guido Mantega, Brazil’s longest-serving finance minister, would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. Just as his wife was about to un... read more

07/14/2016Pimco Gets Dibs on Brazil Pension Fund Cash

Rio de Janeiro state’s underwater pension fund says it’ll pay bondholders on time when their next interest tab comes due. State retirees are a different story. More... read more

07/01/2016Brazil Banks Postpone Pain by Giving Companies More Time to Pay

Brazil’s biggest banks, already reeling from a surge in bad loans, tried to avoid deeper losses as phone company Oi SA headed toward default, agreeing to a grace per... read more

07/01/2016Luis Curi of Chery wants Brazil and Lebanon to deepen their ties

Luis Curi , a Lebanese-Brazilian businessman, is a tireless salesman and negotiator. On learning the FT’s photographer needs a new car, the chief executive in Brazil... read more

06/30/2016Latin America: Under new management.

Gabriela Michetti, who is confined to a wheelchair after a car accident two decades ago, does not easily succumb to despair. Yet last December, when Argentina’s new ... read more


The interim President has made many mistakes – but trying to weaken institutions that assure accountability is among his worst By Carlos Melo and Sandro Cabral on... read more

06/28/2016Brazil's Interim President Michel Temer Linked to Corruption Probe in Plea Bargain

A administração incipiente dos Brasis presidente em exercício Michel Temer foi abalada por acusações de corrupção após o lançamento do testemunho fundamento barganha... read more

06/07/2016Temer Gets First Win as Brazil Congress Approves Budget Goal

Brazil’s Acting President Michel Temer enjoyed his first victory in Congress on Wednesday when legislators approved his request to change this year’s budget target. ... read more

06/07/2016Temer seeks spending cap after losing minister to scandal

Michel Temer, Brazil’s interim president, sought to bounce back from the first political crisis of his nascent government on Tuesday with the announcement of ambitio... read more

05/20/2016Business Daily

We hear from Saudis secretive state oil giant, Aramco, as it prepares to go public. Click here.   Source: BBC News - 05/11/2016... read more

05/18/2016Brazil Supreme Court Suspends House Speaker Eduardo Cunha

BRASÍLIA—Brazil’s Supreme Court ordered the country’s house speaker, who has led the impeachment drive against President Dilma Rousseff, to relinquish his post while... read more

05/18/2016Vale and BHP Billiton rocked by $44bn Brazil dam lawsuit

It is enough money to pay 14m Brazilians the minimum wage for a whole year. Brazilian prosecutors threw investors into a panic on Wednesday after demanding R$155b... read more

05/18/2016Argentina's Economic Rise Fuels Rivalry with Brazil

After pulling off a $16.5bn bond issue, the largest ever by an emerging markets nation, Argentina is the new favourite among investors. By contrast neighbouring B... read more

05/06/2016Brazilian Schools Are Ideological Battlefields

Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff is on the verge of being thrown out of office. A rolling corruption scandal has roiled the country, and the entire political estab... read more

04/19/2016Brazil’s political elite struggles to rise above leaks

With the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff looking increasingly likely, at least Brazilians can be sure of one thing — her vice-president Michel Temer looks we... read more

04/19/2016Brazil Lower House Votes to Impeach President Dilma Rousseff

In a historic and emphatic repudiation of President Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s lower house of congress voted on Sunday to impeach the embattled leftist leader, whose p... read more

04/14/2016Allies Deserting Brazil’s Rousseff as Impeachment Vote Nears

Political allies are deserting President Dilma Rousseff,reducing her chances of surviving a crucial impeachment vote in Congress set for Sunday. The Social Democr... read more

04/13/2016Petrobras scandal casts long shadow over Brazil

The scale of the corruption scandal in Brazil´s oil giant Petrobras is such that it is hardly a surprise that virtually the entire team at the top has gone. Despi... read more

04/11/2016Partying on a precipice

JANUARY is a languid month in Brazil. Beyond the hullabaloo at samba schools—practising for their bawdy annual face-off during Carnival, which starts on February 5th... read more

04/11/2016Brazil Economic Woes Deepen Amid Political Crisis

Latin America’s biggest economy appears headed for one of its worst recessions ever. It stalled in 2014, shrank 3.8% last year and now faces a similar contraction th... read more


THE longest recession in a century; the biggest bribery scandal in history; the most unpopular leader in living memory. These are not the sort of records Brazil was ... read more

04/08/2016Brazil Investigator Alleges Connection Between Murder and Corruption Scandal

The Brazilian judge leading the nation’s largest-ever graft investigation on Friday alleged that the 14-year-old murder of a member of the ruling Workers’ Party may ... read more

03/24/2016Brazil’s Lula wiretaps mark watershed moment

In one short outburst, Brazil’s ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva summed up his party’s predicament more succinctly than most analysts. “The president of the lo... read more

01/22/2016RPT-Dreams of Brazil's youth fade as student loans cut

Jan 17 About 3 million aspiring students in Brazil will find out this month whether they got one of just 230,000 places at a free public university. For many, this y... read more

01/06/2016Petrobras CEO’s Challenges Aren’t Going Away

In his 11 months at the helm of Petróleo Brasileiro SA, Brazil’s state-run oil firm, Aldemir Bendine has picked up an unflattering nickname inside the company: “TQQ.... read more



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