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New Insper Building

In January 2019, we opened our new building. A modern space with technology applied to the learning experience of our students.

There are six floors, with 15 thousand sq. mt. that are distributed between eight laboratories, 15 classrooms, study spaces (both group and individual), and gathering areas. In the structure, we also have a toboggan — which connects the 2nd floor to the ground floor — and a rooftop for students to enjoy time outdoors and with a view of the region. Also, there are several relaxed spaces for reading and study.

To create the project, we counted on the participation of our students, who shared their expectations for the new spaces dedicated to learning.

Of the 15 classrooms, 14 are modular, that is, they can be expanded or reduced according to their use, bringing greater flexibility. All classrooms are automated, with recording and video conferencing systems, as well as the possibility of simultaneous transmission of content.

The eight laboratories, which have the most modern and current equipment in the market, had their plants designed by coordinators and professors of our Engineering course to ensure a differentiated teaching proposal. Six of them are located in the fourth floor of our new building are located: two for Agile Development, one for Computer Architecture, one for Networks and Supercomputing, and one for Virtual Reality, besides our FabLab.

The building takes advantage of natural lighting through insulated glazing that absorbs the maximum luminosity and blocks heat. For a more

conscious use of water, there is a system for the reuse of this resource, an artesian well, and sensors that allow for the best use of it in taps and toilets. The generators and air conditioning devices are natural-gas-fueled, ensuring greater energy efficiency with less impact on the environment.

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