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Professional Masters in Business Administration

This stricto sensu graduate program develops professionals with high analytical capacity and a strong focus on business strategy who can work critically and systematically to find innovative solutions to the major challenges faced by organizations.

Who should attend

Consultants, private-equity analysts, executive officers, department directors, venture capital professionals and managers, and executives at companies from a variety of industries who require competitive and unique qualifications in the field of strategy so that they can contribute to the implementation of effective guidelines at their organizations.

Why should I choose Insper’s Professional Masters in Business Administration?

The program provokes students to reflect more profoundly on the problems faced by organizations, while maintaining a focus on the strategic aspects. The participant-centered learning methodology brings to the learning environment real-world problems that students can relate to their own professional experience, which prompts an intense exchange of experiences and viewpoints.

The faculty is formed by professionals with solid academic backgrounds as well as experience in business administration and strategy. All professors have either a doctorate or Ph.D. from prestigious business schools in Brazil or abroad.

The program also boasts a highly diverse and high-quality student body.

The Professional Masters in Business Administration is authorized by CAPES, the agency of the Ministry of Education (MEC) regulating stricto sensu graduate programs in Brazil, which attests to its excellence. The program also enables undergraduate graduates to obtain a masters degree and further validate their undergraduate studies, which is important for those interested in pursuing careers in academia.

Total class time: 837 hours (684 classroom hours + 90 hours of refresher courses (distance learning) from Harvard Business School + 63 workshop hours)

Program Goals

  • Analyzing strategic positioning alternatives using a sophisticated approach;
  • Mastering the creative process and capturing value by effectively formulating and implementing strategies;
  • Acting as the principle agent of change;
  • Instituting a strategic vision of the business supported by advanced knowledge;
  • Taking decisions that create sustainable competitive advantages for organizations.


Academic excellence and competence in applications in the fields of business administration, finance, economics and business are ensured by the Insper’s academic base, which is formed exclusively by professors with Ph.Ds. or doctorates. Classes are administered by the school’s professors as well as guest professor with similar academic titles.

Adriana BruscatoAdriana Bruscato Bortoluzzo
Doctor in Statistics – USP

André DuarteAndré Luis de Castro Moura Duarte
Doctor in Business Administration – EAESP-FGV/SP

Andrea Maria Accioly Fonseca Minardi
Doctor in Business Administration – EAESP-FGV/SP

Charles KirschbaumCharles Kirschbaum
Postdoctorate – Centro Brasileiro de Análise e Planejamento (CEBRAP), Brazil

Danny Pimentel ClaroDanny Pimentel Claro
Ph.D. in Business Administration – Wageningen University

Dirk BoeheDirk Michael Boehe
Doctor in Business Administration – UFRGS

Eduardo AndradeEduardo de Carvalho Andrade
Ph.D. in Economics – University of Chicago

Fabio ChaddadFabio Ribas Chaddad
Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics – University of Missouri

Gazi Islam
Ph.D. in Business Administration – Tulane University

Henrique Machado Barros
Ph.D. in Business Administration – Warwick Business School

Luciana Ferreira
Ph.D. in Business Research – Erasmus University Rotterdam

Luiz FerrazLuiz Ferraz de Mesquita
Ph.D. in Strategic Management – Purdue University

Luiz Francisco Modenese VieiraLuiz Francisco Modenese Vieira
Ph.D. in Transport Systems – Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Maria Cristina Nogueira GramaniMaria Cristina Nogueira Gramani
Doctor in Engineering – UNICAMP

Michael Viriato Araújo Michael Viriato Araújo
Doctor in Systems Engineering – USP

Nilton Deodoro Moreira Cardoso JuniorNilton Deodoro Moreira Cardoso Junior
Doctor in Economics – Universidade de Paris I

Rodrigo MoitaRodrigo Menon Simões Moita
Ph.D. in Economics – University of Illinois

Sergio Giovanetti Lazzarini
Ph.D. in Business Administration – Washington University, St. Louis

Tatiana Farina
Ph.D. in Economics – Boston College


Charles Kirschbaum

Postdoctorate – Centro Brasileiro de Análise e Planejamento (CEBRAP), Brazil