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Certificate in Marketing Management

The Certificate in Marketing Management (CMM) is a graduate program designed to improve marketing management skills.

Focused on the application of concepts to the day-to-day activities of companies, the CMM combines in-depth knowledge of key marketing areas with topics of strategic important to businesses. The program develops students’ marketing skills while preparing them to assume management positions.

Who should attend

The CMM is aimed at professionals with up to three years of experience who have proven functional knowledge of marketing and related areas at medium and large companies and who want to acquire the preparation required to propose marketing management solutions, improve their skills in the areas of finance, strategy and business administration, develop the skills needed to contribute more effectively to organizational strategies and accelerate their careers through the development of managerial skills.

Why should I choose Insper’s Graduate Program in Marketing (CMM)?

Because the CMM was designed to develop professionals who become references in their organizations regardless of where they work.

Structured to ensure students get the most out of the program, the CMM prepares professionals to conduct market analyses and propose solutions. The program covers the fundamentals of marketing, from marketing research and customer behavior to the breakdown of the marketing mix, while also exploring topics such as integrated communication and value creation through products and services. The program concludes with marketing management, focusing on topics such as innovation and business strategy planning.

Program Goals

  • Analyze the Marketing Environment as a planning input
  • Propose marketing targets that support  the corporate strategy
  • Structure processes for access to information on the market
  • Coordinate actions to create, develop, maintain and evaluate products and services, as well as the other components of the marketing mix:
  • Relationship with the client
  • Pricing policies
  • Distribution strategies

Faculty Committee of the Certificates Program


The Committee supports the Dean in the selection and development of Professors and in the development of academic programs (program curriculum and class plans).


The Committee is formed by Faculty Members selected for their record of contributions to the program, their performance in the classroom, their academic preparation and their ties with Insper.

The Committee composition is reviewed at the start of each year and the term of office of all members is 12 months.

Members in 2013

Professor Silvia Antonio Sfeir

Master in Business Administration from Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP), MBA from the Dom Cabral Foundation and bachelor’s degree in Social Communication with specialization in Marketing from ESPM. Her executive career focused on business administration with specialization in sales and market in the service, agribusiness, pharmaceutical and shipping industries, with this experience acquired at companies such as: The Image Bank, ACPI, The Faxon Co., Monsanto, Pharmacia, Wyeth-Whitehall and P&O Nedlloyd. She currently serves as Director of Corporate Affairs and Government Relations at pharmaceutical maker Bristol Myers & Squibb, where previously she served as National Director of Sales and Business Units.

Professor Luiz Fernando Andreotti Turatti

Researcher pursuing his doctorate from the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland (since 2007). With a master’s degree and MBA from the School of Economics, Business Administration and Accounting (FEA) of the University of São Paulo (USP), he participated in studies, research and classes with a focus on Innovation in the Ph.D. in Business Administration program at the University of Bocconi in Milan (2006). He completed a non-degree specialization in Services Marketing from Loyola University in New Orleans and holds a bachelor’s degree from ESPM-SP.

He followed an executive career in Marketing for B2C, B2B and startups at companies such as Akzo Nobel, BASF, Camargo Correa, Portugal Telecom, Papaiz, where he was responsible for P&L, teams, clients and international projects (LatAm, USA, Asia) More recently he has focused on consulting projects in the fields of marketing and strategy in Sao Paulo, Zurich and Milan. He currently serves as Director at Desh Marketing.

Prof. Alex Manduca

Received a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Catholic University of Minas Gerais and an executive MBA in Marketing from IBMEC MINAS. For the last 15 years he has worked in the field of marketing with a focus on Channel Management and Trade Marketing. He currently serves as National Marketing Manager at Coca Cola-FEMSA. Previously he worked at Grupo Arcor, a leading food producer, and at Val Representações and São José Aviamentos. He is a professor in the undergraduate and graduate programs of the schools Novos Horizontes, Pontifical Catholic University, IBMEC, INSPER and in the MBA program at Promove. He is a member of the board of Alumni IBMEC and a lecturer in the areas of Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Shopper Marketing, Strategic Management of Sales and Trade Marketing. He is founder and member of the marketing research committee at Minas Trade Marketing.


Guy Cliquet do Amaral Filho
Associate Dean Certificates Programs

Master of Mecatronic Engineering from the Polytechnic School at the University of São Paulo (USP) and received a bachelor’s degree from the Technological Institute of Aeronautics (ITA). He holds professional certification as a Project Management Professional (PMP) from the Project Management Institute (PMI). In addition to his professorships, his career includes 25 years of experience in senior management positions at companies such as Twill, American Tool Companies, Synchro and Braskem. His experience in Project Management includes initiatives in the areas of Management Systems, Automation, Manufacturing, Software Development and Education. He is a doctor of Organizational Behavior from Tulane University (New Orleans).