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Research Ethics Committee

The Insper Research Ethics Committee (CEP/Insper, for its acronym in Portuguese) is an interdisciplinary and independent collegiate body of an advisory and deliberative character, created to ensure that research associated with Insper, and involving human subjects, complies with the standards set forth in Insper’s Code of Ethics in Research.

The mission of CEP/Insper is to protect the rights, dignity, and well-being of human participants in research. Among its main responsibilities is the receipt and assessment of all research projects proposed by faculty, students, and researchers linked to Insper within the institution’s fields of knowledge in its undergraduate and graduate programs (both Lato Sensu and Stricto Sensu), in accordance with the provisions of Insper’s Code of Ethics in Research.

For more information, please check the CEP/Insper regulations (in Portuguese).

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics in Research supports CEP/Insper’s dedication to excellence in research, promoting ethical principles of respect for persons, beneficence, and justice. Through the Code of Ethics, researchers assume ethical and institutional responsibilities in conducting research involving human subjects.

For more information, please check the Code of Ethics in full.

Project submission 

Projects shall be submitted to CEP/Insper through this link.

Project submissions are only allowed for doctoral and masters students and professors.

Please note: Projects must be submitted entirely through one access only. If any information is missing, the system will not save data already entered. Before submitting your project, we recommend that you check this document out. It describes all the fields necessary for filling out the submission form.


If you have any questions, please read this document. It presents the main questions and answers regarding the CEP/Insper (in Portuguese). May you need more information, please email the CEP/Insper at cep@insper.edu.br.

Research Committee Members

Bruno Ferman
Fabiano Daher Adegas
Fernando Pellegrini
Giuliana Isabella
Lucas Martins Novaes
Maira Machado
Maria Kelly Venezuela
Natália Pires
Rodrigo Soares
Rogerio Paes Costa