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 Walk on the wild side: Multiplicative sunspots and temporarily unstable paths

Guido Ascari, Paolo Bonomolo, Hedibert F. Lopes

American Economic Review, forthcoming


 The private scope in public-private collaborations: An institutional and capability-based perspective

Bertrand Quélin, Sandro Cabral, Ilze Kivleniece, Sergio Lazzarini

Organization Science, forthcoming


 Properties of doubly robust estimators when nuisance functions are estimated nonparametrically

Sergio Firpo, Christoph Rothe

Econometric Theory, forthcoming


 On the long run volatility of stocks: time-varying predictive systems

Carlos Carvalho, Hedibert F. Lopes, Robert McCulloch

Journal of the American Statistical Association, forthcoming


 Updating pricing rules

Aloisio Araujo, Alain Chateauneuf, José Heleno Faro, Bruno Holanda

Economic Theory, forthcoming


 Actual and counterfactual growth incidence and Delta Lorenz curves: Estimation and inference

Francisco Ferreira, Sergio Firpo, Antonio Galvao

Journal of Applied Econometrics, forthcoming


 Dynamic objective and subjective rationality

José Heleno Faro, Jean-Philippe Lefort

Theoretical Economics, forthcoming


 Electoral rules, political competition and fiscal spending: Regression discontinuity evidence from Brazilian municipalities

Marcos Chamon, Sergio Firpo, João Manoel Pinho De Mello, Renan Pieri

Journal of Development Studies, forthcoming


 Accountability mechanisms in public services: Activating new dynamics in a prison system

Sandro Cabral, Maria-Fátima Santos

International Public Management Journal, forthcoming


 A macro-financial analysis of the corporate bond market

Hans Dewachter, Leonardo Iania, Wolfgang Lemke, Marco Lyrio

Empirical Economics, forthcoming


 Synthetic control estimator: A generalized inference procedure and confidence sets

Sergio Firpo, Vitor Possebom

Journal of Causal Inference, forthcoming






 On the determinants of slum formation

Tiago Cavalcanti, Daniel da Mata, Marcelo Rodrigues dos Santos

Economic Journal, 2018


 Bayesian factor model shrinkage for linear IV regression with many instruments

P. Richard Hahn, Jingyu He, Hedibert F. Lopes

Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, 2018


 Financial market structures revealed by pricing rules: Efficient complete markets are prevalent

Aloisio Araujo, Alain Chateauneuf, José Heleno Faro

Journal of Economic Theory, 2018


 Age-dependent taxes with endogenous human capital formation

Carlos Eugenio da Costa, Marcelo Rodrigues dos Santos

International Economic Review, 2018


 Trade credit and product market power during a financial crisis

Adalto Barbaceia Gonçalves, Rafael F. Schiozer, Hsia Hua Sheng

Journal of Corporate Finance, 2018


 Information, market incentives, and student performance: Evidence from a regression discontinuity design in Brazil

Braz Camargo, Rafael Camelo, Sergio Firpo, Vladimir Ponczek

Journal of Human Resources, 2018


 Civic festivals and collaborative governance

Sandro Cabral, Dale Krane

International Review of Administrative Sciences, 2018


 Decomposing wage distributions using recentered influence function regressions

Sergio Firpo, Nicole Fortin, Thomas Lemieux

Econometrics, 2018






 Reconciling conflicting policy objectives in public contracting: The enabling role of capabilities

Sandro Cabral

Journal of Management Studies, 2017


 Measurement errors in quantile regression models

Sergio Firpo, Antonio F. Galvao, Suyong Song

Journal of Econometrics, 2017


 Identifying sales performance gaps with internal benchmarking

Danny Pimentel Claro, Wagner Kamakura

Journal of Retailing, 2017


 Interest rates in trade credit markets

Klenio Barbosa, Humberto Moreira, Walter Novaes

Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 2017


 Information diffusion, cluster formation and entropy-based network dynamics in equity and commodity markets

Stelios Bekiros, Duc Khuong Nguyenm, Leonidas Sandoval Junior, Gazi Salah Uddin

European Journal of Operational Research, 2017






 Ambiguity aversion in the long run: “To disagree, we must also agree”

Aloisio Araujo,  Pietro da Silva,  José Heleno Faro

Journal of Economic Theory, 2016


 The political influence of peer groups: experimental evidence in the classroom

Camila F. S. Campos, Shaun Hargreaves Heap, Fernanda Leite Lopez de Leon

Oxford Economic Papers, 2016


 Spatial dependence in credit risk and its improvement in credit scoring

Guilherme Barreto Fernandes, Rinaldo Artes

European Journal of Operational Research, 2016


 Understanding the service infusion process as a business model reconfiguration

Sebastian Forkmann, Carla Ramos, Stephan C. Henneberg, Peter Naudé

Industrial Marketing Management, 2016


 Particle learning for fat-tailed distributions

Hedibert F. Lopes, Nicholas G. Polson

Econometric Reviews, 2016


 How social network role, geographical context and territorial mobility mediate the adoption of transgressive styles in the jazz field

Charles Kirschbaum, Priscila Fernandes Ribeiro

Journal of Economic Geography, 2016


 Using occupational structure to measure employability with an application to the Brazilian labor market

Sergio Firpo, Sandro Carvalho, Renan Pieri

The Journal of Economic Inequality, 2016


 Observability analysis of inertial navigation errors from optical flow subspace constraint

Jacques Waldmann, Raul Ikeda Gomes da Silva, Ronan Arraes Jardim Chagas

Information Sciences, 2016






 Strategizing by the government: Can industrial policy promote firm-level competitive advantage?

Sérgio G. Lazzarini

Strategic Management Journal, 2015


 Variational Bewley preferences

José Heleno Faro

Journal of Economic Theory, 2015


 The long and short of the risk-return tradeoff

Marco Bonomo, René Garcia, Nour Meddahi, Roméo Tédongap

Journal of Econometrics, 2015


 New varieties of state capitalism: Strategic and governance implications

Aldo Musacchio, Sérgio G. Lazzarini, Ruth Aguilera

Academy of Management Perspectives, 2015


 The relationship between federal budget amendments and local electoral power

Sergio Firpo, Vladimir Ponczek, Viviane Sanfelice

Journal of Development Economics, 2015


 Identification and estimation of distributional impacts of interventions using changes in inequality measures

Sergio Firpo, Cristine Pinto

Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2015


 What do state-owned development banks do? Evidence from BNDES, 2002-2009

Sérgio G. Lazzarini, Aldo Musacchio, Rodrigo Bandeira-de-Mello, Rosilene Marcon

World Development, 2015


 Categories and networks within jazz evolution: Bandleaders’ jazz sidemen overlap from 1930 to 1969

Charles Kirschbaum

Poetics, 2015


 The “Guarding the Guardians” Problem: An analysis of the organizational performance of an internal affairs division

Sandro Cabral, Sérgio G. Lazzarini

Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 2015


 Assessing competition in the banking industry: A multi-product approach

Klenio Barbosa, Bruno de Paula Rocha, Fernando Salazar

Journal of Banking and Finance, 2015


 A macro-financial analysis of the euro area sovereign bond market

Hans Dewachter,  Leonardo Iania,  Marco Lyrio, Maite S. Perea

Journal of Banking and Finance, 2015


 Globalization and the industrial revolution

Pedro Cavalcanti Ferreira, Samuel Pessoa, Marcelo Rodrigues dos Santos

Macroeconomic Dynamics, 2015


 The after crisis government-driven credit expansion in Brazil: A firm level analysis

Marco Bonomo, Ricardo D. Brito, Bruno Martins

Journal of International Money and Finance, 2015


 Spillovers from conditional cash transfer programs: Bolsa família and crime in urban Brazil

Laura Chioda, João M. P. de Mello, Rodrigo R. Soares

Economics of Education Review, 2015


 Sense-making in business markets – the interplay between cognition, action and outcomes

Lars Gunnar Mattsson, Daniela Corsaro, Carla Ramos

Industrial Marketing Management, 2015


 Heterogeneity of property rights strategies in a global context: The case of genetically modified soybean seeds

Guilherme Fowler A. Monteiro, Decio Zylberstajn

Global Strategy Journal, 2015






 Synergistic effects of relationship managers’ social networks on performance

Gabriel R. Gonzalez, Danny Pimentel Claro, Robert W. Palmatier

Journal of Marketing, 2014


 Estimating equations and diagnostic techniques applied to zero-inflated models for panel data

Maria Kelly Venezuela, Rinaldo Artes

Electronic Journal of Statistics, 2014


 The effects of exposure to hyperinflation on occupational choice

João M. P. de Mello, Caio Waisman, Eduardo Zilberman

Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2014


 Information in the yield curve: A macro-finance approach

Hans Dewachter,  Leonardo Iania,  Marco Lyrio

Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2014


 Ignorance and competence in choices under uncertainty

Paulo Casaca,  Alain Chateauneuf,  José Heleno Faro

Journal of Mathematical Economics, 2014


 Outsourcing failure and reintegration: The influence of contractual and external factors

Sandro Cabral, Bertrand Quelin, Walmir Maia

Long Range Planning, 2014


 Sequential betting behavior: A test of asymmetric inconsistencies in group decision making

Gazi Islam, Danny Pimentel Claro, Eduardo Andrade

Psychology and Marketing, 2014


 Treatment effects: A Bayesian perspective

James J. Heckman, Hedibert F. Lopes, Rémi Piatek

Econometric Reviews, 2014


 Bayesian instrumental variables: Priors and likelihoods

Hedibert F. Lopes, Nicholas G. Polson

Econometric Reviews, 2014






 Leviathan as a minority shareholder: Firm-level implications of equity purchases by the state

Carlos Inoue, Sérgio G. Lazzarini, Aldo Musacchio

Academy of Management Journal, 2013


 Do public banks compete with private banks? Evidence from local concentrated markets in Brazil

Christiano A. Coelho, João M. P. de Mello, Leonardo Rezende

Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 2013


 Political price cycle in regulated industries: Theory and evidence

Rodrigo M. S. Moita,  Claudio Paiva

American Economic Journal: Economic – Policy, 2013


 The effect of social security, health, demography and technology on retirement

Pedro Cavalcanti Ferreira,  Marcelo Rodrigues dos Santos

Review of Economic Dynamics2013


 Cobb-Douglas preferences under uncertainty

José Heleno Faro

Economic Theory, 2013


 Sequential parameter learning and filtering in structured autoregressive state-space models

Raquel Prado, Hedibert F. Lopes

Statistics and Computing, 2013


 Private entrepreneurs in public services: A longitudinal examination of outsourcing and statization of prisons

Sandro Cabral,  Sérgio G. Lazzarini,  Paulo F. Azevedo

Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 2013


 Network dynamics in the UK pharmaceutical network – A network-as-practice perspective

Ronika Chakrabarti, Carla Ramos, Stephan C. Henneberg

Industrial Marketing Management, 2013


 Business service networks and their process of emergence: The case of the Health Cluster Portugal

Carla Ramos, Catarina Roseira, Carlos Brito, Stephan C. Henneberg, Peter Naudé

Industrial Marketing Management, 2013


 Performances of Brazilian IPOs backed by private equity

Andrea Maria Accioly Fonseca Minardi, Pedro C. A. Tavares, Guilherme L. Ferrari

Journal of Business Research, 2013






 The Brazilian payroll lending experiment

Christiano A. Coelho, João M. P. de Mello, Bruno Funchal

Review of Economics and Statistics, 2012


 Tracking epidemics with Google Flu Trends data and a state-space SEIR model

Vanja Dukic, Hedibert F. Lopes, Nicholas G. Polson

Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2012


 Pricing rules and Arrow Debreu ambiguous valuation

Aloisio Araujo,  Alain Chateauneuf,  José Heleno Faro

Economic Theory, 2012


 On the confidence preferences model

Alain Chateauneuf, José Heleno Faro

Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 2012


 A semiparametric Bayesian approach to extreme value estimation

Fernando Ferraz do Nascimento, Dani Gamerman, Hedibert F. Lopes

Statistics and Computing, 2012


 Measuring the vulnerability of the Uruguayan population to vector-borne diseases via spatially hierarchical factor models

Hedibert F. Lopes, Alexandra M. Schmidt, Esther Salazar, Mariana Gómez, Marcel Achkar

Annals of Applied Statistics, 2012


 Networking capability in business relationships – Concept and scale development

Maciej Mitrega, Sebastian Forkmann, Carla Ramos, Stephan C.Henneberg

Industrial Marketing Management, 2012


 Understanding network picture complexity: An empirical analysis of contextual factors

Carla Ramos, Stephan C.Henneberg, Peter Naudé

Industrial Marketing Management, 2012


 The impact of network configurations on value constellations in business markets – The case of an innovation network

Daniela Corsaro, Carla Ramos, Stephan C.Henneberg, Peter Naudé

Industrial Marketing Management, 2012


 Efficiency decomposition approach: A cross-country airline analysis

Maria Cristina N. Gramani

Expert Systems with Applications, 2012






 Campaign advertising and election outcomes: Quasi-natural experiment evidence from gubernatorial elections in Brazil

Bernardo S. da Silveira, João M. P. de Mello

Review of Economic Studies, 2011


 Generalized disappointment aversion, long-run volatility risk, and asset prices

Marco Bonomo, René Garcia, Nour Meddahi, Roméo Tédongap

Review of Financial Studies, 2011


 Ict and productivity in developing countries: New firm-level evidence from Brazil and India

Simon Commander,  Rupert Harrison,  Naercio Menezes Filho

Review of Economics and Statistics, 2011


Sergio N. Sakurai,  Naercio Menezes Filho

Public Choice, 2011


 The impact of AIDS on income and human capital

Pedro Cavalcanti Ferreira,  Samuel Pessôa,  Marcelo Rodrigues dos Santos

Economic Inquiry, 2011


 Generalized spatial dynamic factor models

Hedibert F. Lopes, Dani Gamerman, Esther Salazar

Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 2011


 Actor network pictures and networking activities in business networks: An experimental study

Daniela Corsaro, Carla Ramos, Stephan C.Henneberg, Peter Naudé

Industrial Marketing Management, 2011


 Network pictures as a research device: Developing a tool to capture actors’ perceptions in organizational networks

Carla Ramos, Ivan David Ford

Industrial Marketing Management, 2011


 Credit granting to small firms: A Brazilian case

Felipe Zambaldia, Francisco Aranha, Hedibert F. Lopes, Ricardo Politi

Journal of Business Research, 2011






 Dry laws and homicides: Evidence from the São Paulo metropolitan area

Ciro Biderman, João Manoel P. de Mello, Alexandre Schneider

Economic Journal, 2010


 Particle learning for general mixtures

Carlos M. Carvalho, Hedibert F. Lopes, Nicholas G. Polson, Matt A. Taddy

Bayesian Analysis, 2010


 Inflation targeting in emerging economies: Panel evidence

Ricardo D. Brito, Brianne Bystedt

Journal of Development Economics, 2010


 Imperfectly credible disinflation under endogenous time-dependent pricing

Marco Bonomo, Carlos Carvalho

Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 2010


 Inflation targeting does not matter: Another look at OECD sacrifice ratios

Ricardo D. Brito

Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 2010


 Does ownership affect the variability of the production process? Evidence from international courier services

Chihmao Hsieh, Sérgio G. Lazzarini, Jackson A. Nickerson, Marcio P. Laurini

Organization Science, 2010


 Private operation with public supervision: Evidence of hybrid modes of governance in prisons

Sandro Cabral, Sérgio G. Lazzarini, Paulo Furquim de Azevedo

Public Choice, 2010


 Time-varying joint distributions through copulas

Maria Concepcion Ausin, Hedibert F. Lopes

Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 2010


 Particle learning and smoothing

Carlos M. Carvalho, Michael S. Johannes, Hedibert F. Lopes, Nicholas G. Polson

Statistical Science, 2010


 Collaborative buyer supplier relationships and downstream information in marketing channels

Danny Pimentel Claro, Priscila B. Oliveira Claro

Industrial Marketing Management, 2010




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