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The Center for Public Policy was founded on the ideals of Instituto Futuro Brasil (IFB) and focuses on the production of research on Brazilian economy in order to foster debate on public policy in Brazil. As of February 2, 2009, all activities of the IFB were transferred to the Center for Public Policy, which is now part of Insper.


Production of research and sponsorship of seminars and debates on public policy in order to contribute to Brazil’s economic and social development.


Conducting supervised technical studies to support the analysis and formulation of economic policy. The studies are presented in accessible language and have a solid theoretical and empirical foundation. All studies are distributed in electronic format in order to reach the broadest possible public. Interfacing with educational and research centers and other relevant organizations to increase the level of knowledge and further the debate on topics of particular relevance to the Brazilian economy.

Lines of Research

  • Criminality
  • International trade
  • Education
  • Elections
  • Industrial organization
  • Labor market
  • Health


The activities of the Center for Public Policy are financed primarily through an endowment granted by Instituto Futuro Brasil and by other donations.


Naercio Menezes Filho (coordenador)
Ph.D. – University of London

Carlos Melo
Doutor em Ciências Políticas – PUC/SP

Hedibert F. Lopes
Ph.D. em Estatística – Duke University

João Manoel P. de Mello
Ph.D. em Economia – Stanford University

Marcelo Rodrigues dos Santos
Doutor em Economia – FGV-RJ

Regina Madalozzo
Ph.D. em Economia – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ricardo Paes de Barros
Doutor em Economia – University of Chicago

Rodrigo Moita
Ph.D. em Economia – University of Illinois

Bruno Kawaoka Komatsu (assessor de pesquisa)

Advisory Board

Claudio Haddad (Insper)
Marcos Lisboa (Insper)
Ricardo Paes Barros (Insper)
Bernard Appy (LCA Consultores)
Ricardo Henriques (Instituto Unibanco)

Get an overview of the activities developed by Insper’s Center for Public Policy over the last few years, as well as the research conducted, the papers written by the team and the center’s partnerships, projects, permanent activities and events.