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Insper Data Science Center is a space geared towards integrating educational programs, encouraging research and extension projects, maximizing partnerships with businesses and the public sector, and providing an environment for generating research and innovation. Its mission is to foster, advance, and promote excellence in research, education, and the application of data science to enable better decision-making for the common good.

Insper Data Science Center develops activities and strategies to ensure a safe environment for data management aimed at teaching and research, applying information security, privacy preservation, and provenance maintenance techniques. Its pillars are based on the fourth scientific paradigm (data-driven science), and it has a collaboration network to foster such data-driven science, collaborative authorship, and data governance and management.

Read our Scientific Data Governance and Management Policy.

Sérgio P. Firpo
General Coordination

André Filipe de Moraes Batista
Technical Coordination

Luciana de Paula Arjona
Executive Coordination

Suelane Garcia Fontes
Data Engineering Specialist

Felipe Marciano
Solution Architecture Specialist

Bruno Lippi
Data Literacy Analyst

Contato e mais informações: datascience@insper.edu.br