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CEBRI – Decoupling Soy and Beef from Amazon Deforestation: Brazilian Private Sector Initiatives –Paper Insper-Cebri

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Insper: Aquisição de imóveis rurais por estrangeiros. Prós, contras, riscos…(in portuguese)  – Notícias Agrícolas (

A obrigação de integrar o Mato Grosso ao mundo (in portuguese)   (Poder 360)


April, 15 | 6 pm
Brazilian agriculture and the Forest Code

Confirmed discussants:

Pedro de Camargo Neto – farmer and former chair from de Brazilian Rural Society
Joana Chiavari – associated director at Climate Policy Initiative in Rio, expert in the Forest Code
Rodrigo Lima – general dircetor ate Agroicone and expert in sustentability in agriculture

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March, 25 | The Farmer’s Mind in the Digital Era – McKinsey Pulse 2021