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The Center for Global Agribusiness analyzes the main vectors of transformation and the dynamics of Brazil’s insertion in world agribusiness, developing strategic studies, policy design, and people capacity.

About the Center for Global Agribusiness

With 20% of the GDP almost 50% of exports, agribusiness is the most internationalized sector of the Brazilian economy, in a global context of growing instability due to the crisis in multilateralism, the geopolitics of trade wars, and significant challenges in areas such health & nutrition, food safety, and sustainability.

Insper Global Agro’s primary research and action areas are food security, food safety and quality, trade policy and international agreements, differentiation and value added products; innovation, bioenergy, infrastructure, challenges in China and Asia, internationalization and the relationship between agribusiness, society, and the environment. The objective of the new knowledge center, which is linked to Insper’s Center for Public Policy, is becoming reference in global agribusiness issues, by developing strategic studies, policy design with a solid theoretical and empirical basis, and training public administrators and private sector leaders. Insper Global Agro will establish partnerships with universities and institutions in Brazil and abroad.

Marcos S. Jank
Coordinator Ph.D in Business Administration – FEA/USP

Bruno Varella Miranda
Ph.D. in Applied Economics – University of Missouri-Columbia

Sergio Lazzarini
Ph.D. in Business Administration – Washington University in St. Louis

Paulo Furquim de Azevedo
Doctor of Economics – FEA/USP

Danny Pimentel Claro
Ph.D. in Business Administration – Wageningen University

Priscila Borin Claro
Doctor of Administration – UFLV (Federal University of Lavras, Brazil)

Tiago Fischer
Doctor of Business Administration – FEA/USP

Cinthia Cabral da Costa | EMBRAPA
Doctor of Applied Economics – ESALQ/USP

Leandro Gilio
Doctor of Applied Economics – ESALQ/USP

Marco Guimarães
Bachelor of Business Administration – ESALQ/USP

Camila Dias de Sá
Doctor of Business Administration – FEA/USP

Niels Soendergaard
Doctor of International Relations – Brasília University/UnB

Antônio Carlos Ortiz
Master of Agricultural Economics – Purdue University
Collaborating professor within executive programs