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Why the Arq.Futuro Cities Lab?

The traditional approaches to urbanism can no longer address the complex challenges faced by contemporary cities. With the huge increase in the availability of georeferenced data and the evolution of analytical methods, interdisciplinary research on cities has significantly advanced in several countries. However, in Brazil there are still relatively few efforts in that direction.

Moreover, at the national level, there is a lack of innovative practices in the administration of cities as well as of impact assessments regarding public policy effectiveness for their transformation.

What is the Arq.Futuro Cities Lab?

Insper’s Arq.Futuro Cities Lab is transversally integrated into the educational programs and research centers of our institution. Its interdisciplinary platform offers freedom for reflection and the creation of multiple associations, thus building an environment conducive to learningresearch, and innovation.

Its mission is to promote an understanding of urban environment as a field of action in which professionals from different disciplines apply their creative, investigative and analytical talents!