Discover our fields of research and activities

Through donations from partners and friends of Insper, the endowed chairs make it possible for us to carry out academic research. Their studies translate into public policy and applied knowledge that are debated and disseminated to society.

Ruth Cardoso
Focused on research on public policy: education, labor market, health and socio-environmental impact.

Instituto Ayrton Senna
Research for the development of public policy in the area of education.

Instituto Unibanco
Eesearch on education in Brazilian high school.

Chafi Haddad
Promotion of research and debates focused on the field of Administration, targeting the relations between the public and private sectors, as well as topics on business strategy and investments with high social and environmental impact.

Lemann Foundation
Collaboration with top researchers in applied economics in Brazil and in the world, with a practical bias and connected with the public challenges of our country, in addition to producing relevant knowledge and training students and researchers who can promote the difference in the positions in which they work.