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The Center for Business Studies conducts research to help us better understand and transform organizations and the business environment in Brazil.

To perform this role, the Center fosters interaction between researchers and the production sector by organizing events and publishing research, indicators and guides. Through these instruments, the Center encourages and participates in the debate on business environment, practices and policies to boost the competitiveness and productivity of the Brazilian economy.

Contact the center at: ceneg@insper.edu.br.

Working Group

Learn more about the working groups of the Center for Business Studies.

  • Data and Decision Sciences Working Group
  • Organizational Behavior and People Management Studies Working Group
  • Ecology and Business Studies Working Group
  • Gender Studies Working Group
  • Urban Studies Working Group
  • Performance and Management Working Group
  • Business Institutions and Environments Working Group
  • Analytical Marketing Working Group
  • Socio-Environmental Impact Measurement Working Group – Metricis
  • Government Relations Working Group

David Kallás

Vanessa Boarati
Coordenadora Executiva

Conselho consultivo

Diretor Presidente da Recepta Biopharma S.A.

Marcos Lisboa
Presidente do Insper

Paulo Furquim de Azevedo
Pesquisador Senior Fellow do Insper

Sérgio Lazzarini
Professor Titular do Insper

What are the Skills and Functions Required of the CSO to Implement Strategy in Large Organizations?

Center for Business Studies and Brightline

The report brings the results of a pioneer research in Brazil. Executives of 80 companies with revenues over R$ 1 billion in Brazil shared their information on their profile, skills, tools, structure and processes in strategy management. This sample is extremely valuable to bring us important insights and hypothesis for future researches on this theme.