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Open Enrollment Program

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Our Executive Education programs are featured in the Financial Times Executive Education Rankings 2019. We are among the top three business schools in Latin America and between two in Brazil with short-term and customized programs.

In the publication’s global ranking, we were ranked 39th.

In the evaluation of customized programs, we are in 42nd place, clibling up 17 positions compared to the 2018 publication. With the open enrollment courses, we rose six positions, reaching 46th position in the ranking.

Executive Education activities at Insper prioritize educational experiences aligning real-world demands with solid academic contentes and sophisticated teaching methodologies.

Accountable Marketing
In the Accountable Marketing program, you will discuss key metrics and indicators as well as the dynamics of value creation for the organization.

Brazilian Political – Economic Scenario
The idea is to offer an analysis of the domestic economic scenario at the beginning of a new Government.

Business Risks and Compliance
This Program allows students to understand the regulatory environment and legal liabilities involved when doing business in most Countries of the World.

Consumer Behavior – Brazilian Perspective and Latin America Insights
In this program we will expose and discuss frameworks and contributions from the behavioral sciences that will unveil and help to understand consumer behavior.

Finance for Innovation: Private Equity and Venture Capital
The objective of this course is to introduce and discuss the Private Equity and Venture Capital industry as an important source of capital for innovation.

Financial Market Ecosystem
In this program, you will learn and discuss the overall dynamic of the worldwide financial ecosystems, using the Brazilian case as reference.

Global Cities
During the program you will also explore the best practices in urban studies on both developed and developing countries alike exploring the similarities that bring together distant experiences.

International Management
In this program, participants will expand their knowledge about the motivations, international context and ways to go abroad; and the strategies and governance models of MNEs. In sequence, they will understand the appetite for and perils of investing and operating abroad.

Marketing Trends
In this program, executives will dive into new and emerging innovations in brand and custom experience, trends and practices in this field.

Strategy Under Uncertainty
The program strategies under uncertainty provides hands-on experience to build and use scenarios.

Value Creation – From Value Chain to Business Ecosystem Management 
Using examples and case studies, the Value Creation course evolves with different methodologies to identify business activities that are sources of competitive advantage: value chain, supply chain and business ecosystem.