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We adopt a consultative approach to designing custom programs. We survey and understand the needs of your organization through a meticulous analysis of the external environment (mapping of industry and market positioning) and internal environment (organizational culture, essential competencies, strengths and weaknesses). Then, working jointly with the organization, we develop a custom made program for its managers, identifying the specific topics and competencies that require improvement.

The process is fully customized, including both the design and delivery of the programs. We align the content and dynamics to be worked on in the classroom with the organization’s needs. During in this process, the program director is responsible for customizing the program, together with representatives from the organization and faculty members. The ultimate purpose is to ensure that the program contents can be immediately applied to the company’s day-to-day activities and generate consistent gains in its performance.

Our areas of expertise encompass all management aspects, regardless of the industry, with a special emphasis on strategic management and topics related to leadership and associated dilemmas, organizational culture, critical thinking, financial management, innovation, change management and globalization. The programs are designed for all levels of seniority within the organization. Given our unique and exclusive program design process, we can cover either the same or different subjects for each audience based on the company’s needs, adjusting the program to the seniority of each audience.

The format and duration of programs are defined jointly with the company and based on its needs. In some cases, the program content may be narrowly focused to cover a specific field of knowledge. In other cases, we design longer and more complex programs, such as customized graduate programs, that cover various different aspects of corporate management.

All faculty members allocated to the programs have experience in both the academic and corporate worlds. This dual capability enables them to combine theory with practice, which facilitates the continuous reflection on best practices. The educational process adopted aims to provide the student-executive with experiences that are truly transformational and based on modern methods in executive education, including: Participant-Centered Learning, Business Games, Dynamics, Experimental Learning and Conceptual Classes.

Reaffirming the commitment to our partner organizations, after delivering the program, we assess its effectiveness. For this, Insper is conducting an innovative and unique study whose prime objective is to assess the Return on Executive Education (ROE), which represents each program’s Return on Investment (ROI). This allows the partner company to measure the changes and improvements obtained in the performance of the team members who completed the custom program based on the knowledge acquired and its applicability in the organization.

Seeking to instill a global dimension in our students to better expose them to international best practices and cross-cultural aspects, we maintain partnership and collaboration agreements with prominent business schools, international universities and research centers. The selection of partner institutions for each program is conducted jointly with the organization, based on studies of the excellence of these centers.