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Insper believes that its relationship with students must be constructed from the first day of class and maintained over the years. That’s why it organizes activities that allow graduates to stay connected with each other and with the school.

Through these activities, Insper alumni develop academically and professionally, work as volunteers to further the development of current students and also contribute through donations.


Through the Career Center, alumni gain access to individual and group career-counseling sessions as well as opportunities to participate in events on current issues, professional development and networking. Alumni also have access to the Directory of Insper Graduates, which is a database of the résumés of Insper graduates, and to the Career Opportunities Board.

  • Mentoring Program: Alumni from Insper’s MBA programs, in partnership with the Career Center, provide assistance as mentors to students in the seventh and eighth semesters of their undergraduate programs in their process to find a job and launch their careers. This experience helps alumni develop their competencies in people management, leadership and negotiation while in the process contributing to their own development.
  • Godfather Program: Full-time scholarship students recently enrolled in Insper can, when needed, draw on the support of one the school’s undergraduate alumni. The aim is to help them adapt to their new routine at the school and academic life and with other areas and challenges.

“I serve as a mentor because I believe that the potential of Insper and its students should be extended to as many people as possible. The only way we can help change the country’s culture is through learning and teaching from very early on. I don’t do anything that anybody else shouldn’t do, because I want to give back in some way what I received in my college experience, even though I wasn’t a scholarship student. I’m certain that in this way we can help people who not only are concerned with academic aspects, but that have some vocation in their life, which is why I think it’s so important to have this contact between students and alumni before they enter the job market.”
Rafael Coelho – ADM 2007 (Godfather Alumnus and donor to the Scholarship Fund)

  • Visiting Comittee: Undergraduate and graduate alumni who excelled in their academic programs are invited by the school’s president to participate in this governance forum, which, together with the other persons invited to participate, assesses issues of strategic importance to Insper.
  • Multipliers of the Insper experience: Alumni from all programs are invited to multiply their experiences through interviews to the media and to Insper’s communication vehicles, in events and in visits covered by the institution.

An independent, nonprofit institution, Insper’s perpetuity is ensured through the reinvestment of its financial surpluses back into its operations and through donations by members of the Insper Community and by society.

At the world’s top universities, alumni participate actively in the permanence of these institutions. At Insper, we are working to strengthen this culture of donations, especially among our alumni.

Today, more than 120 alumni make donations to the Scholarship Fund, which was created to support the Scholarship Program for those who pass the school’s entrance examination but require financial aid to complete their undergraduate program.

Over five years, the Scholarship Program has already invested R$8 million and by year-end 2013 is expected to raise another R$200,000.

In addition to the Scholarship Fund, other projects are made possible by donations from individuals and organizations:

  • Academic Projects: Support for the creation of applied research centers and the development of new academic programs and courses that help shape society, such as the Center for Public Policy, the future undergraduate program in Engineering and the project Effective Problem Solving.
  • Facilities: Investment in classrooms and academic spaces equipped with the latest in technology and furnishings, which facilitates interaction between professors and students and consequently supports the learning process.

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