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With ethical management practices that are aligned with the school’s vision and mission as well as with society’s current needs, Insper Institute of Education and Research strives to serve as an example for both the private and public sectors.

The organizational culture of Insper Institute of Education and Research incorporates continuous evaluations of people, projects and processes, which are used to guide the activities of the institution’s various departments and areas.

Highlights include the self-evaluation process created by the Ministry of Education (see details below) and the international accreditation processes, which require a highly detailed assessment process involving many different dimensions, such as faculty, student body, administration, research and facilities.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is Insper’s highest management body. It is charged with appointing the institution’s president and formulating its strategic orientation, vision and mission.


The Associates is formed by members of the families who made the donations that transformed Insper into a non-profit institution.

Visiting Committee

Given the understanding of just how important it is for other stakeholders to participate in Insper’s process of continuous improvement, in 2006, the External Evaluation Commission was created. The commission’s main objective is to critically accompany the school’s performance in teaching and research.

Internal Evaluation Commission

The self-evaluation process, which is conducted in accordance with the National Higher Education Evaluation System (SINAES) created by the Ministry of Education, was institutionalized with the creation of the Internal Evaluation Commission. The commission engages participants from Insper to reflect jointly on our plans and how we execute our planned activities, on which practices and technologies we adopt and on the level of performance obtained.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for managing Insper’s operating activities in accordance with the strategic guidelines established by the Board of Directors.

International Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board counts on the participation of prominent foreign scholars with experience in the best business schools in the world and aims to guide and evaluate our projects.

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