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To promote the transformation of Brazil through educating innovative leaders and applied research  acting with academic excellence and an integrated vision of knowledge that transcends traditional academic disciplines. 

To promote the transformation of Brazil
Through academic excellence and support for the professional and personal development of students, we seek to contribute to the development of the country. We encourage our students to think beyond the classroom, following a path of positive impact, whether in the private, public or third sector. 

Insper seeks to accelerate transformations of high economic and social value through applied research. 

To educate innovative leaders
With strong commitment from the faculty, Insper seeks to develop leadership characteristics in its students, enabling them to deal ethically with the complexities of the environment in which they are active. 

We offer a unique learning experience, attracting diverse talents through an inclusive access policy. We seek a collaborative environment, characterized by entrepreneurship and innovation, aiming at intellectual advancement and social mobility of students. 

We believe that interdisciplinary learning, with the integration of skills from different areas of knowledge, best prepares professionals for global reality.


To be a global reference in education and knowledge generation about Brazil. 

We intend to have a relevant role in the academic community, in Brazil, in Latin America and in the world, being one of the global references in the areas in which we operate, recognized by teaching and the generation of knowledge. 

In teaching, we aspire to be close to the frontier of the management of the learning process, the interdisciplinarity, and the pursuit of teaching-learning strategies that are the most effective for the development of the competences we define for our graduates. Innovation and experimentation are means to achieve this goal. 

In the generation of knowledge, we will be at the frontier of the application of research methods that use the modern techniques of statistics and computing in the handling and analysis of large databases, together with strategies to identify causal relationships and behavioral models to analyze specific problems in the different areas of knowledge in which we operate. This places us as a relevant player in the academic debate in our areas of knowledge. In particular, we will be a reference for the world in the generation and dissemination of knowledge about Brazil in the areas of public policy, institutional and business environment, regulation and environmental issues. 

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