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Financial Market Ecosystem

Open Enrolment Program

The Brazilian Financial Market, as it is today, is the result of an institutional design that emerged in a high inflation and interest rates environment, but developed to be one of the most resilient, creative, technological, concentrated and profitable financial markets in the world. How was it possible? In this program, you will learn and discuss the overall dynamic of the worldwide financial ecosystems, using the Brazilian case as reference. We will draw lessons, through multiple comparisons, about tools, strategies and tactics that the financial ecosystems use for institutional resilience and change. In addition, you will learn how innovation – approaches, methods and instruments – has played a central role in changing the ecosystem drastic and permanently.

  • Discuss the Financial Ecosystem overall dynamic
  • Compare the Brazilian Financial ecosystem with other of more developed countries, discussing opportunities and the main challenges
  • Analyze tools, strategies and tactics that the financial ecosystems use
  • Understand the impact of innovation in the financial ecosystem

Entrepreneurs and executives from the financial market, corporate finance, innovation and other areas, who are interested in knowing how past and current changes in the financial market ecosystem affect their business strategies and investments and how to approach such changes so that their own react positively the waves triggered in institutional and political transition times.

Classes will be conducted in English. Advanced level of both reading and understanding is required.


Course Information and Tuition

Subject to change without prior notice, depending on the number of participants.