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Value Creation from Value Chain to Business Ecosystem Management

Open Enrolment Program

Businesses are continuously defending or seeking new sources of competitive advantages to create value to their stakeholders. The activities performed and how they are performed are the real sources of business competitive advantage through differentiation and/or low-cost positioning.

Using examples and case studies, the Value Creation course evolves with different methodologies to identify business activities that are sources of competitive advantage: value chain, supply chain and business ecosystem. Value chains, focus on activities and their linkages within the firm – including its supply side (sourcing, inbound logistics, technology and production management), demand side (sales, marketing, distribution and revenue) and the value side (profit, cost and value-based management).

Supply chains, builds on the extended enterprises to explore interfirm linkages.

Business ecosystem approaches value creation through strategies to sustain the ecosystems and compete with others — platform- has been the most common manifestation of business ecosystem.

In this program, we offer 2 full scholarships and 4 half scholarships for foreigners.

Scholarships are granted in order of application, so we strongly advise candidates to apply as soon as possible.

To apply, in the dissertation field inform that you want to be candidate for full scholarships, or full and half scholarships.


  • Understand value creation, competitive advantage and profitability pools
  • Analyze firm-level value chains to identify competitive advantages;
  • Explore linkages among value chains to design competitive supply-chains;
  • Understand competition in a networked economy – leveraging business ecosystems and platforms.
  • Senior executives and policy makers who want to lead organizations to create value;
  • Executives from private, public and not-for-profit organizations, who have decision-making responsibilities;
  • High-potential leadership candidates;
  • Experienced consultants, strategists and coaches, who are advising organizations in strategy and value creation;
  • Professionals who have responsibility for or who are involved in strategic planning, risk management, and investment decisions;
  • Leaders of investment funds, family offices, and pension funds, and investment analysts, who want to create value in their investments

Classes will be conducted in English. Advanced reading and understanding English is required. Knowledge of competitive strategic concepts.

Early Bird Enrollment: 10% discount on the total cost of the course, granted for enrollments made up to 25 days before the start of classes. In addition to the payment discount, the advance enrollment allows the availability of materials, prior reading or application of tests (according to the needs of each course), better organization of the class by the teacher and the school, to welcome new students with excellence.


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