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Navigating your organization through complexity

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Disruption is forcing leaders to consider complex dynamics in the ecosystem – changing customer needs, digital disruption and emerging technologies, sustainability and globalization. To deal with these challenges, leaders will need to increase their leadership bandwidth and strengthen their strategy toolkit.  Additionally, the Covid-19 situation has brought unprecedented challenges to organizations. The need to deal with the crisis is immediate, but leaders also need to start working now on the future organization that they want to create once the crisis subsides.

In the “Navigating your organization through complexity” course you will explore the principles of complexity and the practical application of these concepts to strategic organizational challenges. In this course the participant will be introduced to the concepts of complexity thinking through the Cynefin framework (D.Snowden) and ways of working in simple, complicated, complex and chaotic domains will be explored. The concept of disruption will be developed using the work of Christensen, Henderson, Gans and other authors. At each stage, the concepts will be linked to practical application in the challenges that participants are currently facing in their organizations.

  • Understand the principles of complexity and be able to apply this understanding to real organizational challenges
  • Understand the dynamics of disruption
  • Understand and be able to apply a range of tools for strategy in complex environments
  • Understand how organizations can respond to crisis or chaotic situations
  • To be able to develop a plan to help their organizations prepare for complex organizational challenges

Participants will be middle or senior level leaders who need to take responsibility for guiding their organization through the challenges of the current crisis so that they can continue to successfully navigate the complexity that lies ahead.

Business unit leaders, General Managers, C-suite executives.  The course will be conducted in English.

Advanced English skill is necessary to understand and to interact during this course.

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Course Content

  • Introduction to complexity
  • The Cynefin Framework
  • Approaches for leading in Simple, Complicated, Complex and Chaotic Situations
  • The dynamics of complexity and disruption
  • Understanding disruption
  • Strategy in Complexity
  • Tools for strategy in complex and disrupted environments
  • Building Strategic Capability
  • Strategic situational awareness; approaches to decision making – scenario planning, analogical reasoning, design thinking
  • Organizational responses to complexity
  • Designing an organization to be anti-fragile

Action Learning Project


Participants will asked to select a current strategic challenge that they have in their organization. Over the course of the program, they will develop a plan for addressing this challenge using concepts of from complexity thinking and contemporary strategic approaches to disruption.


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The course will be taught in English.

10 hours of synchronous live classes with the faculty and colleagues

Asynchronous Activities: It is estimated 05 hours of dedication in the Action Learning Project and other asynchronous activities, such as watching videos, reading cases and articles recommended by the faculty.

Course Program

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