High Performance Organizations

Open Enrolment Program

Organizations currently face a highly dynamic scenario in which almost instantaneously, new business models emerge and promote reconfigurations of all kinds. One of their major challenge is to maintain exceptional performance over time. With this in mind, we have created the HIGH PERFORMANCE ORGANIZATIONS program, that with approach combined capabilities of promoting internal alignment, executing with quality and renewing the business, as the key to exceptional performance over time.

Participants will discuss three fundamental capabilities:

  • Internal alignment: concepts of strategic direction and organizational culture, as well as ways of structuring their alignment.
  • Quality of implementation: challenges related to the structuring of coordination and control processes, definition of accountability and organizational capacity building
  • Renewal capacity: external orientation and the capacity of promoting a continuous flow of innovation.

Professionals in the position of leadership for more than five years, with direct responsibility for the strategic deliveries of the organization (General Manager level of large areas, integrating more than one functionality), that are in the strategic role of the organization.

To have higher education. Minimum required minimum of five years.


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Subject to change without prior notice, depending on the number of participants.